It was announced in the Hollywood Reporter today that 20th Century Fox Animation has optioned the film rights to The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. Chernin Entertainment, which produced Rise of the Planet of the Apes is attached to produce.


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    1. Well, this is Hollywoodโ€”they could very well throw some apes in there. But seriously, I trust the animation geniuses over at Blue Sky Studios to turn Hero’s Guide into something wonderful onscreen.

  1. It will never be anywhere as good as your amazing books. I will kill them if they mess this up. That is a warning for Hollywood………. I can’t wait to see it though. Any more info? The last we got was April 2012. It IS 2015 ya’know……

    1. Not much more info at this time, I’m afraid. Movies take a long time to make, especially animated ones. But the project is still chugging along, so… fingers crossed!

        1. Hmm, you’d have to ask the people at Fox about that. Or maybe just a random fox you see in the woods. If you do, please let me know: What does the fox say?

      1. Mr Healy i am glad you are willing to let your book become a movie but its been 4 years since fox optioned the film rights and it still has not been adapted or announced or the release date the suspense is killing me

  2. They had better not put any stupid apes in. And they better not cut anything out. I want a full movie! I don’y care if there has to be 30 parts! DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT!!!! THIS IS A WARNING, HOLLYWOOD!!! They cut out the logic scene in the first Harry potter, and they cut Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings. They’ll probably cut all of what Ella does, just to make her seem like another lame damsel in distress. Why can’t the damsels ever rescue themselves in the movies? Ella rescued herself in your books (twice, once with 4 other people). Why does Hollywood show so much male chauvinism? Jerks. I’m a girl, and I could totally rescue myself.

    1. I’m sure you could rescue yourself. I’m sure you could rescue me, too. If I’m ever in a jam, I’ll be sure to give you a call. Do you have a good way to send an emergency message to you, like a Bat-Signal or something? (By the way, I was actually pretty glad they cut Tom Bombadil from the LOTR films. Those were my least favorite chapters from the books. They go on foreeeeeeeeever.)

      1. True. However, it is fairly interesting. It’s too bad that Mr. Tolkien didn’t write Tom into later chapters. Maybe he could have warded off the wraiths like he did with the Barrow-wights. Then they wouldn’t have cut him.

        1. I believe there was something in the book about Tom Bombadil not being able to leave the forest. He was bound there by some magic. If he wasn’t he probably could have just won the whole Ring War himself.

          1. No, I mean, the ring had no control over him, but that didn’t mean that he had control over the ring. Anyway, I think (checking book) that he says that he WILL not pass his border, not CANNOT pass. Yes, my copy of LOTR is next to my computer. So what.

              1. What does IMHO mean? (And yes, I guess Bombadil’s habit of fighting by singing is a little lame. Maybe he just has a horrendous voice that causes barrow-wights to flee, or something). ๐Ÿ™‚

                  1. OK. Thanks. IMHO, your books are the greatest! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and I have a blog. Check it out, all who read comments. It is at It is on the classics of literature, but I’m including this series anyway.

                    1. I wonder what would happen if Star Wars and Middle Earth collided… And then fused with your books…

                    2. Unfortunately, my house is incredibly hard to find. The only existing map is written in High Elvish (translated from Wookiee) and etched with an adamantium stylus into a sheet of pure mithril that was mined from deep beneath Ba Sing Se by the original Gringott’s goblins, so it’s not very easy to read. Also, I accidentally lost it on the TARDIS.

      1. About your house’s location: you say you left it on the TARDIS? I found some nonsensical gibberish on a silver plate there. Would those happen to be the directions to your house? And how were you on the TARDIS anyway? The Doctor’s companions are usually female. Are you like Jack Harkness or Rory Williams? Which doctor were you travelling with?

        1. No, that’s probably just some Kree poetry. As for the Doctor’s companions, though, roughly one third of them have been male over the years. In fact, Jamie Macrimmon (a Scottish dude from the 18th century), who traveled with the Second Doctor, holds the record for appearing on the most episodes of the show. Not that any of that matters, because I traveled with the Fifteenth Doctor, who happens to be female.

          1. Oh, cool! I haven’t watched the original series, so that’s why I didn’t know that. Tell the Doctor hello from the parallel universe. ;_;. Does he- sorry, she- remember?

  3. A movie! I wish I was online more, now. I got a Brian Selznick book 2 months before it was released and didn’t know there was a HG movie!!! There must be something wrong with me. I’m sure it’ll be beyond fantastic. Honestly, though, no movie will be better than the โ€œmovieโ€ that plays in my head when I actually read your books. I guess the pictures here and there help with that a little bit.

  4. A Hero’s Guide movie?As long as they make it good and don’t make the characters look like complete strangers,plus keep Mr.H’s style of funny in there,I think I won’t be able to stop laughing for the whole duration of the movie.

      1. Oh, so it’s animated. Good. If it was live-action, the casting would probably be all wrong, Mr. Troll would look like (bad) CGI, and the 13 kingdoms wouldn’t look right. Also, any magic scenes might look kind of fake. So animated=good. I hope they can make the characters like Todd Harris’s. And “Rise of the planet of the apes” is a waaaaayyyy too long title. Wouldn’t ‘planet of the apes’ or ‘rise of the apes’ sufficed? Pls get that guy who does the voices to play someone btw.

        1. “Planet of the Apes” was an earlier movie. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was as sequel to that one. Though I agree that it’s quite a mouthful. I mean, why would anybody choose such a long title? I’m a short title guy, myself. Love the short, short titles.

          1. Oh come on. Planet of the apes was it’s own movie?!?! Yeah, there’s way too many ‘ape’ movies. C’mon, Hollywood! Show some originality! I sure wish that Warner Bros. and Disney would team up and cross over Star Wars and Harry Potter. Or Peter Jackson and one of them would cross over LOTR. Maybe Tom Bombadil would be Obi-Wan. Maybe he could be Rey’s dad. That would sure add some depth to his character!

      2. tell me about it i just hope that the hero’s guide will be a wacky and zany animated movie not a dirty and disgusting one

  5. how is the movie coming along? do you have any idea when it might come out. Its no rush at all I know that movies take a long time to make especially animated ones good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s coming along. In the scripting stages, I believe. I’m out of the loop on most of the details, so unfortunately I can’t give any more specific info on the movie.

  6. Do you think fox animation studios will do a good job of the movie but still making it true to the book?

    1. No movie could stay completely true to the book it’s based on without being, like, 5 hours long. But I trust that they will do a great job capturing the heart and spirit of Hero’s Guide.

  7. I’m still waiting for the movie.
    Please carry on.
    I want to cheer up everyone who working hard on it and always thankful.

    you guy are great!

  8. My daughter told me last night that she wants to grow up to be a film director so that she can make a “Hero’s Guide” movie. We’ve read all of the books several times and also talked extensively about who we would cast in a live action version starring 1) real actors and 2) our extended family. So, you know, if you need any help just let us know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, we’re excited about the possibility! Looking forward to reading the new book as well!