To celebrate the release of The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle, book 2 in the Hero’s Guide saga, the folks at Walden Pond Press and I are launching a very special blog tour. It’s a fact-filled who’s-who featuring all your favorite Hero’s Guide characters (plus a bunch you’ve probably never heard of). This collection of character rap sheets contains loads of original material written just for this blog tour—and tons of info you won’t find in the Hero’s Guide books. Plus, at each of the participating blogs, you’ll have the chance to win a signed copy of Storming the Castle (plus a chance for the tour’s grand prize—a $200 bookstore gift card)! Here’s a full list of participating blogs and the characters they’ll be hosting:

Monday, May 6th – Cari Blogs hosts Prince Liam
Tuesday, May 7th – Ms Yingling Reads hosts The Gray Phantom
Wednesday, May 8th –Bookalicious hosts Rapunzel
Thursday, May 9th – Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia hosts Deeb Rauber
Friday, May 10th – Kid Lit Frenzy hosts Prince Frederic
Saturday, May 11th – The Write Path hosts Cap’n Gabberman
Sunday, May 12th – Flashlight Reader hosts Mister Troll
Monday, May 13th – Mundie Kids hosts Snow White
Tuesday, May 14th – Candace’s Book Blog hosts Ella
Wednesday, May 15th – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers hosts Little Taylor
Thursday, May 16th – Novel Novice hosts Ruffian the Blue
Friday, May 17th – The Hiding Spot hosts Lord Rundark
Saturday, May 18th – Mod Podge Books hosts Lila
Sunday, May 19th – Poisoned Rationality hosts Wrathgar
Monday, May 20th – Buried in Books hosts Vero
Tuesday, May 21st – Small Review hosts Frank
Wednesday, May 22nd – Book Rat hosts Briar Rose
Thursday, May 23rd – Alison’s Book Marks hosts Prince Gustav
Friday, May 24th – There’s a Book hosts Prince Duncan
Saturday May 25th – Bunbury in the Stacks hosts Madu
Sunday, May 26th – A Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust hosts Stanislav Flimsham

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  1. My two oldest children and I fought over time reading this book! We enjoyed all of it and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the Princes Charming. Thanks for writing a great adventure!

    1. Thank you, Elena! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Book 2, The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle is out now. And you can look for Book 3 is spring 2014. Stay tuned for more details.

    1. Thank you! But I must give some of the genius credit to the marvelous Bronson Pinchot whose voice (or voices?) graces that audio recording. Book 2 is currently out on audio as well. And look for the audiobook of Being an Outlaw to hit stores very soon!