The Worst Thing About Saving the World
The Worst Thing About Saving the World

What is The Worst Thing About Saving the World? I ask myself that very question. Click the pic to read my reply.

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  1. The worst part is
    For succeeding: You will not be left alone. No matter how badly you want it.
    For failing: Who knows what would happen. I know that I would feel horrible, because I didn’t just let my family down…I let the whole world down!

    1. Wow, thank you for actually answering the question. You have interesting responses, too. You’ll have to wait and read the book to see what my answers are, though. 🙂

  2. I am guessing that it is not coming out in 2015? Do you still plan to write it? it sounds like a super duper interesting idea (that was not sarcasm, people can’t tell sometimes).
    this is kinda unrelated, but this is how I got into writing.
    The thing that most adults say to me, and have been saying to me for a while, is that I have a vivid imagination. When I was little I would write stories about heroes and villains. To me, they were always kinda stories of how my life would go in my wildest dreams. I would write my fantasies with me as the main character, with a different name, different backstory, and a slightly different personality. Going back and reading them now is like looking at a puzzle that has been put together with four random puzzles and a few other puzzle pieces I found in the trash can. Each puzzle piece is a little figment of my imagination. in this sea of mismatching puzzle pieces, is it messy? Of course. But at the same time, it is kinda a perfect image of my pure imagination, and I have actually found a few ideas that are really quite salvageable. Like one of them being about a world where everyone is born with a superpower, and she got the power of invisibility, which she finds really useless. The rest of the story is utter bumpkus, but I have made it a new thing now. point is, writing is an amazing way for me to channel all that imagination into a story.

    So long story short, have you ever gone through old story ideas and thought “oh hey, that is actually kind of genius.” and used it in one of your books? also, will the worst thing come out? if it will, when?

    thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    1. I have absolutely done that. That’s why I keep an “ideas notebook,” which I turn back to time and again to see which old ideas I had no use for at the time would now work wonderfully in a new story. (In fact, I may do just that with TWTASTW, which may eventually get finished and published at some point in the future. But, no, probably not 2015.)

  3. I think the worst thing about saving the world would be expectations. Maybe, knowing me (I relate to duncan), I just saved the world by some lucky accident, and then when they actually meet me, they would be disappointed. Also, I would have to deal with paparazzi. The word is derived from the name of an annoying big Italian mosquito called a paparazzo.