The folks over at Walden Media (Walden Pond Press’s film branch) have just launched a new website called WaldenTV. And one of their first projects is a great little live-action short that depicts the prologue from The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. Watch it below. And if you like it, please spread the word! Link to it on your own sites and blogs. Teachers and librarians, feel free to show the video to classes! And don’t forget to pop over to WaldenTV for more fun videos.


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  1. That was great! I hope to see more of these in the future. I must admit that my friends and I have thought about doing this before.

    • HI Tikvah!
      I am Sydney’s friend Kinsey. Sydney would be a great Liam! 😛 I think those guys need to be younger and cuter though 🙂

  2. sorry for the bad grammar/spelling in the last comment. My dog typed that. The second half says ‘ a tv show or movie with these guys should be animated.’. But I kinda like this version. (the actors should be younger though)

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