Last week, Homesha, my publisher in Japan, celebrated the Japanese release of The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom with an art exhibit from illustrator Naoko Kawamura at Ondo Kagurazaka Gallery in Tokyo. My thanks to the gallery, Homesha, and of course Naoko, for what looks like it was an amazing event. (And thanks to them for the photos too.) I love seeing these different interpretations of my characters!


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  1. I love these! (And now I feel the need to get these. Not that I can read Japanese, but the illustrations are great!)
    And also it would be awesome to own your amazing books in multiple languages.
    Today is my birthday, and lemme just say it’s been pretty great already, but this is making me stupidly happy. Time to go read HGTSYK again! (Actually no, because I have a friend borrowing it tonight, so unless I can read it in an hour…)
    Sorry, I’m rambling. Your books are awesome, these illustrations are awesome, the original illustrations are awesome, everything is just awesome to me today.