Those of you who have visited this site before might realize that I’ve made a little update to the “Books” pages. The “Worst Thing About Saving the World” page has been replaced by the “Upcoming Titles” page, which has info on The Worst Thing About Saving the World as well as the book, Perilous Journey, which will be coming out next year—before The Worst Thing About Saving the World. The “Upcoming Titles” page also explains (since so many of you have asked… and asked… and asked…) why Perilous Journey will be coming out before The Worst Thing About Saving the World. I’ve also gotten rid of that cheesy, old-computer-font placeholder image that many of you seemed to hate so much. I think the whole page looks much nicer now, really. So thank you for complaining. The important thing, though, is that I have a new book coming out next year! So be prepared for many months of teasers, trailers, and tempting tidbits about Perilous Journey coming your way on this very site. Excelsior!



This fake cover is kaput.

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  1. I’m still looking for a Hero’s Guide book 4 please! That is probably my favorite series and I’ve read them too many times to count on my hands. I’m 14 and I know I should move on but I just really don’t want too! I now own 3 copies of book #2 Storming the Castle because I saw two of them being sold at a library so I just had to buy them!
    So please please please make a fourth book!

    1. You should never move on! Eventually, I will make more, and you can read them even if you’re 42. Though I REALLY hope it will be sooner than that.