A short while ago, I hinted at a big announcement that would be coming soon to this site. Since then, I have had numerous questions from you all as to where that big announcement is, what it is about, and if there really even is a big announcement. These are all good questions. So, to get to the bottom of things, I decided to go to the source of this supposed announcement, Christopher Healy.

Me: So, is there really a big announcement coming? Or are you just a liar?

CH: Whoa! Hey, there’s no need to get so harsh! We are the same person after all.

Me: I don’t care. Are you a liar or not?!

CH: Well, I do write fiction for a living—does that make me a professional liar? Either way, though, I was telling the truth about the big announcement. It is coming.

Me: When?

CH: Soon.

Me: You said it was coming “soon” well over a month ago.

CH: Who can say what “soon” means, really? Is two days soon? Two weeks? Two years?

Me: Two years is not soon.

CH: Okay, I’ll give you that. It will be sooner than two years. In fact, it will be before the end of this year.

Me: Finally a straightforward answer! Thank you! And will this big announcement be about a new book?

CH: Yes, a book I am currently writing.

Me: Is it a fourth Hero’s Guide book?

CH: I can’t say.

Me: That totally means it is, right?

CH: I didn’t say that.

Me: But if it wasn’t, you’d just say it wasn’t, so it must be.

CH: Not necessarily.

Me: Stop being so vague! You’ve hinted that this announcement will excite the readers who’ve been asking you for years for a new Hero’s Guide book.

CH: I think it will.

Me: So that’s the new book: Hero’s Guide Book 4!

CH: No.

Me: Let me get this straight: People ask you for something, you tell them you’re going to give them something that should make them happy, and then you tell them it’s not the thing they asked for.

CH: Sort of? But no exactly.

Me: Aargh! Why are you so frustrating?!

CH: You know exactly why I’m so frustrating! You’re me! In fact, you know the answers to all these questions. So why are you even asking me?

Me: For the kids. I’m doing it for the kids. And I’ll do it again if I have to! You haven’t heard the last of me, Healy!

Well, that’s all for now, kids. I hope this answered some questions for you. Until next time, this is Christopher Healy, signing off from my interview with Christopher Healy.

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  1. I am so excited for this announcement!! I have been such a big fan of your work since 2013!! I got married almost two years ago, and had been wanting to read your books aloud to my husband! We just finished book 1 of Hero’s Guide tonight!! He loved it!! I plan to read him the others, gift the series to my father-in-law for Christmas, and get your other trilogy in the near future!!

    You have one of the best styles I’ve ever read!! Your voice is engaging, the characters lovable, and I love to see you connecting dots between established worlds we know!! Thank you so much for your hard work and enthusiasm!!

    I am so excited, too, about seeing your site more active again! I look forward to checking in often to hear news and comment!!

    1. I thank you for your enthusiasm as well! There’s nothing I love more than long-time fans who pass along their fondness for these books to new readers. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. We really, REALLY hope it is more Hero’s Guide!!! I have read the series aloud to my kids at least twice fully, and we read bits a pieces of it here and there just to hear their favorite chapters, or if we are in between books. I get into it and read with fun voices, and the kids love it. Such great, fun, super enjoyable books! We look forward to the announcement and are hopeful…

  3. The big question is: will it be done by Christmas? That will make my son’s year. He has read all of your books at least 3 times each and asks regularly if you have written a new one yet. So regularly that I am actually writing a comment on your website, which busy parents don’t usually do. Thanks for your great work and for inspiring him to read so much! I credit your books with his reading above grade level now (which wasn’t always the case). Your stories were so good that he was determined to figure out how to read them!
    – Mom of Evan, 10, Oakland, CA

  4. It would be awesome to be able to my daughters on Christmas there’s a new Hero’s Guide book coming out! Can you tell us before Christmas??

    1. There’s a good chance the announcement will come before Christmas. (Though the book the announcement is about definitely won’t be out by then. Sorry!)