I like taking photos of animals I come across. Mostly bugs. The only problem is that I don’t know their names yet! And since Prince Duncan is busy, I need your help. Tell me in the comments what each of these critters should be named—be specific about which one you’re giving which name—and I will re-caption the photos with my favorite responses.

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  1. The seagull should be Roger the bagel prince. The first born of the king of the bagel kingdom who swears to protect his people from the cats who’s leader is actually the ladybug named catnip the fourth. And the lighting bug should be Angel for no particular reason. Just to summarize-
    Seagull: Roger
    Ladybug: Catnip the fourth
    Lighting bug: Angel
    (You don’t have to use any of my names if you don’t want to)

  2. This is so fun!!

    Starting at the top and moving left to right in descending order,

    1. Flippy
    2. Josephine
    3. Charles
    4. Peach Fuzz
    5. Lionel
    6. Bugs Copyright Bunny
    7. Living the Shreem
    8. Tusky
    9. Camelpillar
    10. Flappy
    11. Bunson Funnydew
    12. Also Charles. “Also” is his first name

  3. Ooh, I love this!
    1. Jimmy winglesniffer
    2. spotty
    3. Mr Hammelpimple
    4. Hippopotamus
    5. Lettuce
    6. Barney Bimmle
    7. slowpoke (not a nickname, his name)
    8. Bug the bug
    9. Skwimmbly yemmble
    10. Flappy
    11. Angry fork
    12. Flappy jr

  4. oooo YES
    Bunny: Mr Pickels
    Turtle: Prince Cheese of the burger kingdom
    The green worm thing: Sir Green Worm Thing
    Spider: the… the witch, whats her name, Wendy
    Moth: Ms. Cat Food