Do all of my books take place in the same interconnected multiverse? In a word: YES! While the alternate-history version of Earth that appears in A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem is clearly not the same place as the Thirteen Kingdoms of the Hero’s Guide series, there is definitely a connection between those two worlds. The evidence: A certain glowing orange stone with magical powers.

JJDG by Celeste Sessions
JJDG by Celeste Sessions

Kudos to reader, Naomi, who was the first to discover the link between the Jeopardous Jade Djinn Gem from Perilous Journey and the Ambrosium from Hero’s Guide, which I will confirm here both originated from the same source! Of course, this opens up a whole slew of other questions…

Since the Ambrosium is believed to have come to Earth on a meteorite, does that mean that Hero’s Guide takes place on a different planet? Or perhaps that meteorite didn’t come from outer space after all? Or since the mystical Djinn brought the JJDG to the Thirteen Kingdoms from their own magical dimension of Baribunda, did they somehow also bring it to Earth from Baribunda? Is Baribunda a portal between worlds? Or an entire universe unto itself? Or is there some other explanation? I’d love to hear your theories!

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  1. I always imagined barabunda as the in between. All of the universes that take place in your head, they have a center. Parts of your life are scattered through out this multiverse, like how molly was loosely based on your daughter and deeb was based on inspiration you got from your son. The mind of an author is a crazy kaleidoscope of reality and fiction. If the user of this mind is lucky they know how to use it. They create a knot that ties their blended version of reality together. Occasionally they write about the wonderful things they see, and sometimes the keep it a secret. It’s all make believe, and they can choose to push the kaleidoscope of a multiverse away, but the will never be the same as a non writer. I imagine barabunda as the knot, nothing and everything at the same exact time. I don’t know what makes a writer, the mind or the pen, but the best of writers have both

    Or maybe I’m getting waaayyyy too philosophical about this and barabunda is a little tiny world that lives in a lamp.