Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! Why is 2022 such a big deal? Because this year is the 10th Anniversary of The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom! To celebrate, I’ll be hosting a bunch of fun Hero’s Guide events and activities on this site over the course of the year. And it begins right now with the Big Announcement I’ve been teasing for the past few months. (drum roll, please…)


So many kingdoms yet to be explored…

Yes, it’s finally happening! In a sense. While not a full sequel to the original trilogy, the book I am currently writing is a Hero’s Guide spin-off, centering around the further adventures of a certain fan-favorite character. The book represents my first journey back into the Thirteen Kingdoms since my Bandit King story, “The Villain’s Guide to Being a Hero“—and, wow, am I happy to be back! Even more exciting for me, this new novel is a full-fledged mystery story. I’ve always been a huge mystery fan, and this new book holds mysteries a-plenty—the first of which begins right now, as you wonder which familiar character will be the starring detective! And while these pages will hold plenty to excite long-time Hero’s Guide fans, the book will also stand on its own as an individual novel—so tell your mystery-loving friends who may not yet have visited the HG Universe that this will be a great jumping on point!

I’d love to tell you more about the book right now, but that would kinda ruin the mystery. Plus, I’ve got to actually finish writing this thing so they can actually publish it and get it into your hands. Until then, puzzle away!

—Christopher Healy, Jan. 2022

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  1. Oh my goodness, yes!! I’m super excited!! A mystery spin-off just sounds so fun. Alright, I’m placing my bet right now on who the detective will be. Lila. She just seems to fit the role of detective really well!!

  2. Ok, I love making predictions before stuff happens so I can see if I was right in the future.
    1. The detective is Lila
    2. The mystery involves ruffian’s daughter
    3. Deeb and Red from your short story will be featured
    Also Idk if you would be willing to tell me, but are the main 8 characters from the other books (Snow, Ella, Rapunzel, Briar, Liam, Fredrick, Duncan, Gustav) going to be making any kind of cameo or appearance?
    I would love to check in with them but I totally understand if that isn’t the direction you want the story to take.