The upcoming Hero’s Guide spinoff has an official title! Now, this is not the actual book cover or logo design, just a sneak preview that I shopped for this announcement, BUT every element of it—font, colors, shapes, background, etc.—are clues to the plot of the new book. So have fun with that. And get excited for the coming mystery!

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    1. This logo here definitely is more modern, but that’s mostly because it’s not the real logo — I made this myself on my computer because the real logo isn’t ready yet but I wanted to announce the title with something a little more exciting than plain old typing. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that your new generation idea is wrong. Doesn’t mean it’s right, either. But a very interesting guess, either way.

  1. My kids have been binging on Hero’s Guide audiobooks all summer long. And by that I mean, they’d listen to one and check out the next one and the next and then start all over again. We just finished the third one for probably the fourth time in three months. I just have to say (and I love the series, after all I’m the one that got them started reading them once they were old enough), I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR A NEW BOOK IS COMING OUT! I will show this to my kids and see what they think of your clues.

    In the meantime, we just got the other series, Perilous Journey, to read aloud together. Looking forward to a new adventure!