Pre-order swag alert! Would you like to receive a limited edition No One Leaves the Castle character trading card along with your autographed copy of the book? Pre-order from Words bookstore and get not only a signed copy, but also one of thirteen trading cards (randomly selected) as a special bonus gift. Who will you get? The shady Baron Angbar? Runar the Unknowable? Grymus, the ogre? Will your suspect turn out to be the culprit in the mystery?

Use this link to pre-order to guarantee your signed copy & bonus trading card:

And don’t worry—if you’ve already pre-ordered from Words, you’ll still get the bonus card!

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  1. I object to the maximum age limit as I am four years too old. Will I be prosecuted if I sidestep this regulation? Should I contact my lawyer? I will do whatever it takes to get a copy…

    1. Uh-oh! If they come after you for that, what are they going to do to me?! I am WAY more than four years older than the the “maximum age” on the last book I enjoyed! Bah! Pay no attention to those “age limits”! Did Deeb Rauber ever pay attention to age limits? (He’s not in this book, but my point still stands.) Seriously though, there are plenty of instances in the world where age limits are important — like, say, driving a vehicle or becoming an astronaut (I assume there’s an age limit for that) — but when it comes to books, I say no one should rein themselves in on the suggested ages listed by publishers! Read what you like to read! Huzzah!