It’s time to meet the next suspect from No One Leaves the Castle! Today’s suspect: Runar the Unknowable, the most famed (and possibly most powerful) sorcerer in Carpagia. Also tutor and mentor to young Kade Angbar. If Runar is so famous, why is he “unknowable?” And what does he plan to do with the Incantatoribus Nonliberi? (And if you’re wondering what the heck an Incantatoribus Nonliberi is, you’ll have to wait and see.) Hop over to the Suspect Line-up on to learn more (and to actually see last week’s suspect, Baron Garridan, who was mysteriously absent from the lineup thanks to a computer glitch—I mean, treacherous thief. A new suspect will be introduced every week. Book available for pre-order now! (Artwork © 2023 Christopher Healy)

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