The Hero’s Guide Series

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom (#1)
The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle (#2)
The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw (#3)

A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem

A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem: A Dastardly Plot (#1)
A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem: The Treacherous Seas (#2)
A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem: The Final Gambit (#3)

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  1. I read your books the Hero’s Guide series and loved them Hilarious and Adventure at the end of Being an Outlaw it has talk where [SPOILER] summons the League of Princes about a Beast guy trying to reclaim his thrown by kidnapping people, is there going to be another series cause their really enjoyable

    1. There will certainly be more adventures of the League and their friends. I just don’t know when. It might be a while. Unless I get completely overwhelmed with request for a fourth book right away. If that happens, then who knows!

          1. NO, I am not a dalek. I just like Dr. Who. Okay, now that that’s cleared up, that was my idea! I sent in an idea like that (but super complicated) under a different name.

            1. Please don’t scare me like that. I have seven daleks staring at me right now and I’m always afraid one of them is going to go off.

      1. Mr H, I am a 28 year old man that loves the Heroes Guide trilogy, only I didn’t realize it was a trilogy til this moment and have been eagerly anticipating a 4th installment for some time now. You left us hanging at the close of the last book when the league finally came together as a unified group. If you ever find a brief snatch of time in which you can jot down a 4th story, my wife, my 4 brothers, my 10 month old daughter, my 2 sisters (maybe), and I would be eternally grateful. The wit and genius of these stories are a gift to children’s lit, children, and tall, old children everywhere!

        1. Believe me, in my heart of hearts, I truly want to get a 4th (and possibly 5th or 6th) Hero’s Guide book out there. But with other projects on my plate right now, I simply don’t know when it will happen. However, I am very grateful for your note, because it helps quell any fears that my readers might outgrow my books before the next one gets published. 😉 From one tall, old child to another, thanks!

      2. My kids and I are desperate to see Ruffian find his daughter!!! Write the fourth book please!!

        1. I will! (Eventually.) In the meantime, though, you can look forward to a new story about a certain Bandit King coming up in an anthology soon. Details to come!

          1. Isn’t it obvious? Lila is Ruffian’s daughter! She is a good bounty hunter, and is about the same age as his daughter would be.

            You are wondering: isn’t she the princess of Erinthia? Well, here’s the simple solution: King Gareth and Queen (whatever her name is) never tell their kids anything. Remember the Cremins and Knobluck incident?

            1. Good thinking, but there’s a problem with your theory. Ruffian says Lila is the same age his daughter was when she disappeared—and she’s been missing for several years. So Ruffian’s daughter would have to be older than Lila.

      3. My kids and I are re-reading all three books again and anxiously awaiting book 4. We are ready!!

        1. That’s awesome! I am ready too. Ready-ish. Emotionally and psychically and creatively, I’m ready. Just not in the actually-having-written-any-of-it sense.

            1. Ooooooovvvvveeeerrrrwhelming!!! (Imagine a pocket watch dangling from a string). We are starting the 3rd book for the 3rd time as a family and we are so excited for Barabunda!

                  1. Whoops. Okay, I did not know that “bunda” means “butt” in Portuguese. So let me ask you this: Did that make the genie scenes funnier in the Portuguese version?

      4. Please make a fourth book please please please! It’s killing me how the third book ended, all the characters are still not together yet/ mad at each other! I’m dying of suspense over here, please write a fourth book!

      5. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER BOOK!! you can’t just have a cliffhanger that’s terrible! IM DYING PLEASE MAKE ONE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I have written a fourth book. It is not, however, a Hero’s Guide book. But there’s still a good chance a new Hero’s Guide could happen. So please stay tuned. And in the meantime, why not check out A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem? Who knows, maybe you’ll like that one too.

      6. PLEASE WRITE A FOURTH BOOK!! MY WHOLE FAMILY HAS READ AND ADORED THESE BOOKS!!!! We have been waiting for number 4 since we read number 3!! We have read them SO many times.

          1. Is it possible that Belle is Ruffian the Blue’s daughter? ‘The Hero’s Guide to…Rescuing a Damsel…’? Maybe they find Ruffian’s daughter and try to rescue her from the Beast? Maybe she left to accomplish something and she was so close to doing what she needed to do when the heroes come swooping in to “save her.” Maybe, being Ruffian’s daughter, she would have been perfectly capable of escaping on her own but she’s trying to get something from the Beast that she needs to earn his trust to get? Maybe that could be cool, I don’t know. We’ve been agonizing over the third book’s cliffhanger for five years! You’re an amazing writer, and I really enjoy your books! You are one of the reasons why I want to write. Thank you!!

            1. Anyone capable of crafting an intriguing plot like the one you just did SHOULD write! I look forward to reading your first novel someday!

      7. You should most definitely write a fourth one. I’ve been waiting for it for like 7 or so years

      8. I was just looking for your email address to make this very plea! My son, 11.5, has been listening to the books on repeat. I’m pretty sure this is the fourth run-through, and I am still enjoying them and laughing right along with him. We are desperately hoping for more books and for Bronson Pinchot to narrate them. All my best, J.

        From 11.5: I really enjoyed your books in the series Hero’s Guide. Me and my entire family would really like it if you wrote another one.

        1. Thank you! 2022 will be the 10th anniversary of Hero’s Guide and I will be making an announcement about my next book early in the new year.

  2. Your books were an excellent, and popular, addition to our summer reading program. All the children enjoyed them and laughed so much I was forced to read them myself to see what the “buzz” was all about. I’ve now suggested them to other adults as your humor really makes it an enjoyable read.

  3. I LOVED this series and I can’t wait to read the next books! I really hope they come out soon! (hint hint.)
    I am so glad I was able to have the pleasure of reading them!

  4. Thank you for giving us these most enjoyable characters! I would like to join the throngs in requesting more League adventures. If you feel inclined to write them, I will be very grateful and will enjoy them immensely, I’m sure. Thank you again!

  5. i replyed to a comment writing this but i really enjoy the books and i read the first two books in three weeks. i am a big fan and i cant wait to read the third book favorite character is Ella.can you please give me tips on being a creative writer like you?

    1. Thanks! My best quick tip for being a creative writer: Look for inspiration in everything around you. Every book you read, movie you watch, song lyric you hear, video game you play, and so on, could be the one that gives you the idea for your next scene or next line of dialogue. I’m not saying to copy or steal this stuff, of course. Only Deeb Rauber would do that. But everything and anything that you take in can spark a new idea in your head. You just need to be constantly on the lookout for them, so they don’t pass you by.

  6. Hi Mr. H!
    I really like your books!! My friend told me you might be making a movie. Just a tip, if you do, you need to get the right actors!! I don’t like it when people remake a book and mess up the characters! Bye! Btw, your books are amazing!!

    1. Thanks, Kit! Technically, I’m not making the movie–Blue Sky Studios at Fox Animation is making the movie. And since it’s animated, the right actors will be the ones with the right voices. I have confidence they’ll cast it well. (If and when the movie gets that far, that is. At this point, it’s still in the very early stages of development.)

      1. Yay! So glad to hear that. My sister and I finished the third book last night. I need more!! No pressure though, and “The Worst Thin About Saving The World” looks good too!! Keep it up, you are an amazing

  7. I’m 8 years old and I really really want the next Hero’s Guide books to come out because they are good and funny. You are one of my favorite authors! I’m dying for another book because you left me hanging! Thanks

    1. Thank you! I’ll see what I can do about that next Hero’s Guide book. (But it might be a while.) I’m writing some other books in the meantime, and I hope you like them too!

  8. My family and I read your books. My third grade class read your books too! That is 30 more people who want more HEROS Guide stories!

    You are a wonderful writer! Keep it up!

  9. Hi! My name is Irina. I’m 28 years old. And I’m in love with Frederic. Thank you very much! ))
    But seriously, I want to say thank you for your amazing books! I live in Russia and unfortunately only the first book was translated. I made a wish (and crossed my fingers) that the second one and the third one will be translated too.
    I started to read the book about three days ago when I caught a cold. And may I just say- that was my best and funniest disease ever! )
    I want to give you a big warm hug and shake your hand because your book turns me into 10 years old girl again. And it made me very very happy.
    I’m very grateful for this opportunity to say all of these things almost personally. Thank you for being so talented and incredibly hilarious!
    Please come to visit Moscow someday ( Not in Winter. Nope. Don’t do it. )
    From cold Russia, with love,

    1. Hello, Irina! And thank you for my very first letter from a Russian reader! I am glad you’re feeling better. (And I’m very excited to hear of my book’s medicinal powers. Perhaps doctors should start stocking the book in hospitals.) I’d love to visit Moscow someday! But you’re right—not in the winter. I don’t fare very well in cold weather. As soon as it goes below 40 degrees Farenheit, my skin dries up and I start to look like a dummy made from old, water-damaged newspapers. Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that those next two Russian translations happen soon! Thanks again!

  10. Please do a fourth book! Please! Please! Please! And please try to do it soon because I can’t wait!

    1. Will it help the waiting if I mention that there’s going to be a new Hero’s Guide short story coming out before too long?

  11. I just stared to read your series, I really love the first book even though I’m not done with it. When I read it I never want to put the book down. I learned a lot of new things.Why is Prince Charming affiad od od ladies! #Bestbookintheworld

  12. Hi there Mr. Healy!

    My name is Eben, I am nine years old, I have read the first Hero’s Guide and I am almost done with the series. I reeeeaaaallyy enjoyed it! I loved the heroes’ cunning plans, exciting adventures and the humoristic ways of beating the bad guys! I was at the edge of my seat while I read it. I would really appreciate it if you would make a movie about the books! PLEASE keep on writing books about Liam, Gustav, Duncan,Frederic,Snow White, Ella, Lila,Repunzel and even Brair Rose!

    Thank You SOOOOOOO MUCH for these incredible adventures!!!

    With lots of good wishes,

    1. Thanks, Ben age 10! Hey, there used to be a cartoon called Ben 10. It was about a kid who could turn into 10 different aliens. Although by the end of the series, there were like 30 different aliens he turned into, so the title didn’t really make sense any more. But they couldn’t have started calling it Ben 30, because that doesn’t rhyme.I suppose they could have changed the hero’s name to Bertie. Then they could have called it Bertie 30. Sorry, I think I got a little sidetracked. What was the question?

  13. My boys and I just finished reading your trilogy and can’t wait for the next one! I loved reading them aloud, and it was so fun to see how much then got ‘in’ to the story — acting out the characters and talking about them through the day.
    We eagerly await your next book!
    Daniel — 11
    Stephen — 10
    Mom — 40 something 😉

  14. My husband and I read these books nightly with our 10 year old son. We all loved them so much that we have now passed them on to several other family members and friends. We have two dogs that will now forever be known as “Jackie Fat Wiskers” and “Euphustus Baileywimple” 🙂 We also have a dog that we named Prince Gustav of Sturmhagen because he is big, clumsy and blonde. There is also an Ella and Lilia that have been adopted through our dog rescue. We are not so patiently waiting for your next book!!!

  15. Hi Mr. H,
    I was wondering if you could give a teaser for the Heroes guide book four. That would be super cool. I can’t wait to read the actual book four since the Heroes Guide is my favorite series. If fans have already thought of Briar and the beast getting together are you less inclined to do that in the Heroes Guide book four?

  16. Hello. I am a Random 13 year old girl, and your books were the first books I actually loved! I went Crazy when I finished the 2nd one and didn’t have the 3rd! I got hooked onto them and I can’t wait for the 4th book! My Favorite character is Repunzel. I like how she wants to help everyone. Again, I can’t wait for #4!

  17. hey!! thanks for the awesome books !! even my goat enjoied reading them with me!! ok mabye he just liked the taste of the pages but still!!

  18. ooh mabye thats what is missing from there feed!! how long do you think it will take your other projects to be fineshed:) oh and i named my baby bunnies gustav ella vero pirate lady and liam! and they are living up to there names!! gustav is the biggesta he is blond!! ella is extra adventerous too!! 🙂 oh and do you know how the movie is coming along? sorry for all the questions and no pressure. my teen sister is wrighting a novel and it is taking her a very long time!!:/

  19. I LOVE your books!! I especially enjoy the “Hero’s Guide” books. If you could PLEASE write a 4th book in the series that would be AWESOME!!!!! Thanks!

  20. It’s WinterPenguin, again. I just wanted to add that I read all of your “Hero’s Guide” books in under a day! They were AMAZING!!!! My favorite character has to be Prince Gustav and Cinderella. Again, great job on the FABULOUS books!!!☺️

    1. In the works is a series called Perilous Journey. It’s about two young inventors’ assistants in 1883 who stumble across a massive criminal conspiracy that may or may not include some of the biggest names of the day. I’m very excited about it and hope you all will be too!

  21. if you come out with book 4 will it have a new villain or a new hero
    and what would they be like

    1. Sounds like you should read “The Villain’s Guide to Being a Hero,” the short story I wrote, which appears in the anthology, “Guys Read Vol. 7: Heroes & Villains.” It stars Deeb Rauber and features a certain girl in a red hood.

          1. maybe instead of trying to merge hoodsy and woodsy which is not very good. it sounds like you are having an athsma attack when you say whoodsy or like that is slang for hyperventalating. maybe red and deeb or hood and rauber. hauber and rood arent that good. maybe heeb or dood. hmm those are not that good either. maybe just oodsy. but that looks like you mispelled odyssey. hmm. what is hoodsy’s real name? she says in the short story that most people call her red. so it doesnt sound like that is her real name. maybe her name is crimson or scarlett. or maybe something totally random like Patty or Ceejay.

            welp i am starting to have a little whoodsy myself so does anyone else have some ideas?

  22. Hi Christopher, my kids and I finished the first book for the second time around and we could literally just start it over right away because we love it so much! This comment is to 1. Ask when the fourth book is coming out (please be next month) and 2. Attempt to add to the overwhelming comments above that convinces you to write the fourth book!

    My kids are all doing their best HG character impressions.

  23. Hello – three years ago my husband and I read the hero’s guide series out loudto our children , then aged 6 and 9. We all loved them, and weren’t allowed to read any without all of us present .
    Wondering whether you had imagined them with regional British accents or whether they just lent themselves to that interpretation? In our reading, Freddie was upper crust British, Duncan was Scottish, Liam was ( of course, with a name like that) Irish, and Gustav was a weird scandal’ German accent….and Welsh lilt.
    We are still eagerly awaiting the fourth instalment, but are very excited about reading the Perilous Journey together – despite the kids now being 12 and 10!

    1. I first imagined Frederic with, yes, an upper class British accent, Liam with a vaguely Irish one, Gustav German/Austrian, and Duncan, strangely, American. But then they all changed in my head and became their own unique accents.

      1. I’m guessing you have been inundated with requests for the next book but have you given any thought to publishing an online only book for the fourth installment? My 13 year old read the first one when he was about 9 and re-read them over and over. He finally bought the third one for his Nook a couple of months ago and just got around to reading it this week. He has been reading it out loud to me pretty much any chance he gets for the last three days. Now he and I are BOTH asking what happens with the Beast!! Hope you find the to write the next one soon.

        1. I’m so thrilled that you and your son have both enjoyed the series. I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting so long for a 4th installment! But it’s nice to hear that he’s still reading the originals even now. Music to an author’s ears! Thanks!

  24. I love all of your books, and they will always have a special place on my bookshelf and on my audibles app. During this quarantine my bff took up writing for fun. This made me think of my favorite books of all time: the hero’s guide series. So I have been wondering if you have also decided to take up writing for fun during quarantine too. Specifically hero’s guide writing. I have already read all three hero’s guide books and the short story and am wondering if you have been writing a book four or even another short story. I understand that writing takes a while, and is not easy. But I really want to know if/when I can expect another crazy, hilarious, fairytaleious story. And if there are publishers or editors who are too lazy to edit and publish another masterpiece, tell them that there is a 12 year old girl named Lola who will fight them.
    I have to be one of the most impatient people on the face of the earth, and hope you can get back to me soon.
    (Also, if there was a book 4 or a short story, what will it be about. If this is illegal in the writer world, I am very good at solving clues laid down in a reply **hint hint**)

    -Lola hirst

  25. Hello mr Christopher Healy. I love your hero’s guide series. I was a little hesitant to read your danger and mayhem books because I loved the others sooooooo much. But I ended up loving them too! I love molly and emmet. Also, some of the side characters rock. I love Rold and nessy Bly. I loved the character they met in Barbados, Cecilia. I hope she will be in the next book. -afan

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the Perilous Journey books as well. The third installment, “The Final Gambit,” will be out this fall. And you will definitely see some of those characters again.

  26. Little mini interview:
    What is your favorite character in your hero’s guide books?
    What is your favorite storyline?
    Is it likely that there will be a fourth book and if so, when?
    What are your characters saying and doing right now?
    Will you be making any other series beside hero’s guide and perilous journey?
    What is being made right now?
    – school reporter, Arora Simon

    1. Little mini answers:
      The letter H
      Mr. Troll’s quest to become a hero
      Yes and I don’t know.
      Nothing that makes any sense
      A sandwich

  27. Hi mr h. I created a character from your universe.
    Her name is Naomi. She is a genie of Barabunda , and she comes out when you rub a ring. When briar was little and in hiding from the fairy, she wanted the ring. But she didn’t want the genie popping out every time she put it on, so she wished the genie out of the room. Naomi is able to enter and leave barabunda whenever she wants to. Genies age incredibly slowly in her part of barabunda , so even though she is 14 in human years, she is about 2000 in Genie years. She ends up working with the league of princes and is very good friends with Lila. She has hot pink hair in and hot pink wisp. She has a natural skin color because Genie only get their unnatural skin color when they turn 15 in human years. Her dad is the genie that the league had an encounter with and his name Dave. Naomi ends up being good friends with Lila, hoodsy, deeb, and smimf. Naomi up is like a little sister to briar.

    This is just one of the characters I thought up, what do you think? Also I will send you the picture I drew of Naomi if you want it. What do you think about her? Do you have a character that is similar?

    Also, please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE make a book 4, please.

  28. May I speak to prince Duncan? I am going to get a dog with brown and tan fur. It is a mini dachshund. What is his name?

  29. i love fairy tales that arent as popular as snow white and cinderella too. thats how i knew your reference to the brave little taylor. some of my favorites are: the yellow canary, and the three feathers. if you havent read those, i would definetly recomend.

    1. I will have to check those out! Thanks for the recommendations. One of my favorite less-popular fairy tales is one called “Big Klaus and Little Klaus” by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s pretty dark, but also pretty funny, and 100% strange.

  30. ok but like maybe rufians daughter is goldilocks or red riding hood. maybe gretel as in hansel and gretel. they are all kids who got lost in the woods. it is a reocurring topic. my best guess is goldilocks

    1. Good theory! But it can’t be Red since Mr. H already wrote that she is about 12 years old according to the short story.

      1. i have read the short story and i love hoodsy. but here is my theory: the grandma captured hoodsy and told her that ruffian was the one who captured her. then the grandma gave ruffian a job with briar so that if he ever found hoodsy again she would have grown up enough that he didnt remember her and hoodsy didnt remember ruffian. also would hoodsy and lila get along or be enemies? also i ship lila and smimf. would their ship name be smila or limf? i like smila better.

  31. is it more or less likely that you wil have a book 4? also like what years might it come out? like 21-25? i have seen that you are quite good at dodging questions like this. be straight with me please?


  32. Hi Mr. Healy,
    I love love love your Heroes Guide books so much and cannot wait for a 4th! I adore the characters and the humor is so incredibly perfect. When I brought the first one home from the library, I read it probably five times in a row or more, then the other two many times, subsequently got tired of them for a few months, then got obsessed with them again, and listened to the audio books. They have to be my favorite series, maybe even surpassing Lemony Snicket’s books.
    Anyways, there are three things that I think would be fun in the next book:
    1. Smila
    2. Lila riding a giant mongoose instead of Radish
    3. Bring back the green-haired man from book one! I think that would be super cool…
    Also, what do you think Duncan would name two female white mice that he couldn’t tell apart?

    1. i love smila! also we need to learn of ruffians daughter! also i ship reeb or deb (deeb and red). and just to refrase I LOVE SMILA. smimf is the only one who deserves lila!

  33. Hi Mr.Healy,
    I really like your books and I was wondering when the 4th book of The Heroes Guide is coming out.I really like the way that you tell the fairy tales.Your books are amazing!

  34. Hi Mr. H! I love The Hero’s Guide series soooooo much! I also love the little short story with Deeb and Red! Thank you for writing them! Can’t wait for book four!

  35. My boys and I absolutely love the Hero’s Guide Trilogy. We listen to the books in the car. Really cuts down on the aggravating that can occur between three boys in the car! I love how your books appeal to all ages: me- the mom, my 15 year old, 12 year old, and 8 year old. I hope you write the 4th one soon!

  36. Hi Mr. Healy. My name is Ella. I just finished the third book tonight. I LOVED IT! I am only ten but I absolutely love your series. I am so happy that there might be a book 4. I saw some other books you wrote, I will be sure to check those out, too! Have a nice…uh life…?
    p.s. i actually am writing a WWII right now I love to write!! -Ella

  37. Hi, I love your book. I am getting a English retriever and want to know what to name it. My family is not as goofy as me, so try to keep it subtle, like only something League of Princes fans would get but normal for non-fans.

    1. You came to the right place! There are a multitude of wonderful pet names in the Hero’s Guide books. Might I suggest reusing some of the horse names in the series: Thunderbreaker, Seventeen, Radish, Papa Scoots? Or you could always name your dog Cap’n, after our beloved pirate, Cap’n Gabberman. Most people will probably assume you’ve named your pooch after Cap’n Crunch, but when they do, you can just smile wryly and nod, because you’ll know how wrong they are.

  38. you know in the end of the third book when she calls everyone there the league? does it include deeb and smimf? i think it should at least include smimf.

  39. i recently visited your official heroes guide website but it has not been updated since the first book. i think you should update it to include the last two books plus the short story.

  40. Mr. Healy,

    We as a family love your work, and still treasure the times we had when our parents would read the Hero’s Guide series to us aloud. As we still love the series today, we were just wondering – does The League say gay rights? (It would mean a lot to us if they did!)

    Thank you,

    Louise and Kim

  41. You are really cryptic sometimes (take it as a compliment) Could you give the site an update as to wether or not there will be a book 4, what would have to happen for there to be a book 4, why there isn’t already a book 4, if you can not answer the top question 90% at least if book 4 is yes or no- is it more likely or less likely there will be a book 4. Also I am pretty sure you won’t be able to answer this, but is there a possible eta on book 4? Also what could I do (or anyone who sees this comment) to help book 4 become a reality most efficiently. I read your books in 3rd grade and I am now in 9th. I can safely say that any early readers will still want a book 4. You can never grow out of fairytales

    1. Me, cryptic? Whatever do you mean? Well, to answer your questions, there may be a fourth book, but it might be more of a third-and-a-halfth book (is that a word?), or maybe actually more of a new first book that comes after the third book. You’re right, you can never grow out of fairytales.

  42. Hi again Mr. Healy,
    I’m curious to know, is there any updates on the movie? It’s been eight years since it was announced and I am growing concerned…
    I ask only to fulfill the insane dream I had last night about the Heroes Guide movie 🙂
    Also, do you have any advice for writing a story with serious parts but also maintaining a light tone/writing style? Because the tone of your books is the best, and I want to know the secret!

    1. The movie is still in development. Unfortunately, that’s the most I can say at the moment. But I will certainly post more detailed information when I can.

      As for advice about writing a serious story with a light tone? Well, in real life, I have a tendency to use humor as a coping mechanism. In a sad, frustrating, or troubling moment, I often find myself making a joke — not because I don’t take the situation seriously, but because the humor can help me, and hopefully those around me, deal with the situation a little better. When I write serious scenes, but I don’t want to lose the lighter tone of the book, I try to keep that feeling in mind, thinking of using the humor to lighten the burden of a tough situation.

      1. Just to be clear, though, there are some situations in which it would never be appropriate to make jokes. This is a case by case basis type of thing.

  43. are you still going to write the worst thing about saving the world? it sounds super interesting. could there be a really awesome super strong kick but female character too? You are really good at writing them. (molly, Cassandra, Ella, Lila, hoodsy)


    i am a huge fan of your hero’s guide series. i know this may sound weird, but briar is my favorite character. Briar is raised in secrecy for fear that she would prick her finger on the spinning wheel. Her parents and servants are willing to do anything to make sure that Briar enjoys her time in secrecy so they let her have anything she wants. As you might imagine this makes her quite spoiled. When Liam (aka the prince charming from Sleeping Beauty) kisses her and breaks the spell, he learns that she is a brat to say the least. Liam and Briar have a pre-existing arranged marriage. Liam, however, does not like how mean Briar is, and breaks up with her. The books never really tell you why this made Briar so upset and mad.
    Old habits die hard, and when Briar wants a magical sword from the bandit king’s treasure vault, she makes sure that she gets it by using the League of princes. When Briar finds out that this is a legitimate death trap, her heart softens a bit. She goes to where the league of princes (Liam included) is doing the heist and tries to save them. She saves Gustav (the prince charming from Rapunzel) and when they are all escaping the castle on horseback, the giant weresnake bites Briar. Briar is poisoned and almost dies until Rapunzel cries a magic tear and Briar is healed. From that point on, Briar isn’t the league’s enemy, she is their friend. Briar is still very sassy and sarcastic, but she is a part of the League. Briar becomes a hero. so even in the first 2 books i liked her. then she got even more awesome in the 3rd book (btw if i ever go on the red carpet i am wearing briar’s battle gown or wedding gown. say what you want, but the girl knows how to dress.


  45. i am writing a book for fun. the main character i find a little bland. he has no personality really. here is his backstory. he is a reality tv star as a hero. but all of his battles are completely staged. it turns out that all his battles were controlled like that so that when the time came, he couldn’t defend himself against an unchoreographed fight. everyone thinks he really is a hero, but he knows better. should this character be incompetent (sort of like frederick), brawny, full of himself? do you have any tips?

    1. Brilliant concept! To flesh out your character, ask yourself as many questions about him as you can think of, especially ones that might affect the plot. For instance: How did he get cast in this show? How is it that he doesn’t know? What about him made him miss the clues? Where did he come from before this? What was his childhood like? Did he always want to be an action hero, or is this a role that he feels forced into? And whichever is the case, why does he feel that way? Let the answers to these questions lead you to new questions. Your continued answers will build the character. Good luck and happy writing!

  46. Sir, i think it would have been really cool to have a massive battle at the end of “a hero’s guide to being an outlaw” lord of the rings style. also, maybe there could have been some drama about firing all the magical bombs, only for them to be detonated in the air by arrows from periwinkle pete.

  47. i realise that you write a lot of books with very serious plots, but are comedies. I really like this format, do you have any tips or tricks for witing this kind of thing? anything that helped you?

    1. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been the kind of person who uses humor as a defense mechanism—throwing out a joke or silly comment to lighten a stressful situation. Is it always appropriate? No. That’s a lesson I learned the hard way. But sometimes, it can really help. Because sometimes, in tough times, it helps to find the comical, absurd, ridiculous facets of the problem you’re facing. I try to channel that when I write.

  48. I was reading through your comments and I saw someone talk about an OC genie that they made up. if you ever do write a book 4, could on of the main or supporting/reoccurring characters be another genie? that sounds like it has a lot of posibilities.
    1. a genie is cursed to be a regular mortal
    2. a genie is cursed to not be able to grant wishes unless he goes on a quest the league is going on too
    3. a genie is able to travel in between the real world and barrabunda without being summond by a mortal
    4. a darrien is able to turn himself into a genie so that he can penetrate barrabunda and he tries to make all the genies work for him so he can have whatever he wants.
    5. a genie has a really stupid summoning object
    6. a genie was somehow taken out of barabunda (perhaps from darian influence) and has to find their summoning object to get back.
    I also think (as a girl) that it would be awesome for the genie to be a girl (you know, girl power) and also I always love the character you come up with that were not in original fairy tales. speaking of which, I just had another idea what if it is one of the fairy tale characters that we haven’t met yet in your books, cursed to be a genie (like goldilocks or the beauty in the beast girl or something like that). anyhoo, I think this would be a really fun thing to write but I guess you are occupied with the whole worst thing about saving the world and perolious journey huh. will you even write a book 4? if you do will it be a sequel about the same characters? (ps. sorry I wrote genie and not djin, but I listen to the audiobooks and don’t know how to spell it. oh and pps: bronson pinchot is an amazing narrator)

    1. Wow, you’ve just given us so many awesome genie characters, I feel like YOU should be the one to write a new book with a new genie in it! (And I’ll be making an announcement about that new book soon…)

  49. Idk if you are going to do this, but if you were to have the child or grandchild of a fairytale character, that would be cool. Especially if it was the grandchild of a villain. I have a specific image of the granddaughter of the gingerbread house villain lady. She would probably be a little older than Lila, maybe by only a year or 2. She would have got pink hair and wear clothes that resemble candy. It turns out her grandma is a very nice old lady who is just a babysitter for rich kids. Her house looks like it is made of candy so that little kids enjoy their time there before getting picked up. She got a job babysitting 2 of Ella’s younger siblings (it turns out that Ella is the only good child) and they didn’t like that the gingerbread lady made them take a nap, they are already 5 after all. They told a bard about how an ugly mean old lady kidnapped 2 helpless children and tried to eat them. Much like zaubera, the old lady kind of went all evil, she just never wanted to be a famous villain. Her grandchild named Candy (after her origin story) is quite the smart Alec. She is very smart, just also very snarky. She has very good instincts but doesn’t trust them. She also has a sweet side, and only dresses in candy themed outfits, and cares very much about style. She is also really pretty, even though her grandma always told her how ugly she was (your skin has no texture, it makes you look like a zombie. You are too thin, you look like a candy cane.) but candy doesn’t care. Ps, I was the one who wrote the comment about the genie idea. I like writing characters more than I like writing an actual book. Actually, I do like starting and ending books, I just don’t really like the middle stuff. Any tips for the middle stuff? Pps, I would not mind if you used either of my ideas at all.

    1. Also, grettle, Hansel, and Ella all are similar ages and the old lady was already old when the whole fiasco went down, Candy was just a baby, and at time of the fiasco, (assuming Ella is 20-30) Hansel and grettle were 10ish and candy is 16ish. I think that fills any plot holes

    2. Wow again, Reagan. You definitely have what it takes to be a writer. The characters you’re creating have such interesting backstories already. All you need to do is push yourself to write the whole thing. And believe me—I know that’s the hardest part! When I was a kid, I used to write tables of contents for books and casts of characters for books, but never got around to actually filling out the stories that those characters and chapters fit into. But when you do, it will all be worth it. The best way I find to fill out the middle stuff is to ask myself questions and see where the answers take me. For example: “If the prince needs to start off in the castle, but I need him to end up in the woods, what makes him leave the castle?” And then I might answer, “He’s chased out by bees.” Then I have to ask, “How did the bees get in the castle?” And I might say, “His little sister put a hive in his bedroom as a prank?” And then I ask, “Why was she pranking him?” And so on.

      1. She was pranking him because he stole her teddy bear. Why did he steal her teddy bear? Because she wrote “kick me” on the back of his ball tux. Why did she write “kick me” on the back of his ball tux? Because he ate all her birthday cake. Why did he do that? Because he was hungry. Why does the character need to go to the woods? Because there is a magic spell book in the forest. Why is there a magic spell book in the forest? Because an old witch dropped it there. How is the spell book used? The words appear when 2 people, who must be blood relatives, touch the cover of the book at the same time. What happens when the words appear? They can cast spells, thus they are able to stop the villain of our story. Who is the villain? The which who dropped it. Why? She wants her spell book back.

        Like that?

  50. I am a super big fan of yours, you are my favorite author. Not my favorite person though, my mom and dad and brother beat you, sorry (so basically you are my 4th favorite person). I have a few questions.

    How do you know if a joke is cringy or funny?
    How do you keep out plot holes in your story?
    As an aspiring writer myself, why do you, personally, write?
    What is your method of making characters?
    How do you make sure all characters are nessisary?
    What are some nessisary characters to make?

    1. Answers to your questions:
      1. That’s hard to say. What some people find genuinely funny, someone else might find cringy. My basic belief, though, is that if you laugh, even if you’re cringing at the same time, the joke was still funny.
      2. Outlining
      3. Because my head is full of stories and if I didn’t get some of them out, there wouldn’t be any room left in there for me to learn new stuff.
      4. One method is to start with what I need that character to do in my story and then figure out what kind of person would do that.
      5. If you can take a character out of the story completely, and the plot wouldn’t change at all, they aren’t necessary. That being said, some “unnecessary” characters can still belong in a book just to enhance the experience for readers, like making the story funnier, scarier, etc.
      6. The only truly necessary character for every story is a protagonist. Notice I didn’t say “hero.” The protagonist doesn’t need to be a hero, they just need to be the person who moves the story along.
      P.s. I’m will absolutely take fourth place.:)

  51. so, I was reading your 3rd book and I was wondering if you based the desert scenes in the Taklamakan desert (which translates to: you go in, you never come out) or the Sahara desert or a different desert or you just made it up. which makes me wonder if the thirteen kingdoms were based as Europe because of the shape of the map and because most of those fairy tales come from Europe, which would lead me to believe that the desert was the Sahara. you maybe just totally made all of the geographic stuff up, I just was wondering. I was born in Norway and my parents are Norwegian, but I do not speak Norwegian fluently anymore. if you had to choose, which kingdom is the most like Norway, and why, because of weather, fairy tales that come from there, or something else?

    1. What a fun question! It’s true that the general shape of the map vaguely resembles Europe, and yes, that’s because the original stories took place in Europe. I did not, however, base any one particular kingdom on any one particular country, European or otherwise. Sturmhagen, for instance, is a little bit Bavarian, a little bit Scandinavian, and a little bit Baltic (I based my descriptions of its forests on my own visit to the forests of Lithuania). The Aridian Desert, similarly, is not based on any particular desert (though I LOVE your detail about the Taklamakan and wish I’d known that beforehand)! As for which kingdom is most like Norway? It would probably be Jangleheim or Frostheim, since I purposely used the Old Norse “heim” (meaning “home”) in those names. But Frostheim looks landlocked, which Norway most certainly isn’t — so that makes Jangleheim the winner for most Norwegian kingdom!

  52. Hello, sir. H I am Julia, I am 17 years old, I live in Brazil. I won my aunt’s the first hero´s guide about four years ago, but unfortunately, or fortunately, I only really read it two days ago when I was without my cell phone. I am delighted! I’m going to buy the second one and probably the third one later, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read and I don’t know how I could leave this book standing on the shelf for years. I feel like everyone should read it so I can talk about this book for hours. You are a more than incredible writer and I am so happy to have read this perfect work that is this book. never stop writing please!

    1. Obrigado, Julia! I am so glad you finally decided to read Hero’s Guide! It is always very exciting for me to hear from fans in Brazil. (Or other countries!) Are you reading it in English or Portuguese? Desfrute os outros livros!

  53. I first read the hero’s guide series back in 2015 as a 5th grader and loved it. Now a high schooler, I remembered the series once again and am going to reread it for the third time. Is there going to be another book in the series or the same universe? Also, I noticed that you’ve written other books too, going to check those out now!

    1. First of all, you’re awesome. Second, stay tuned for a very big announcement very soon. I think you’ll be happy. (I know I am.)

          1. Where will we be able to find the announcement cuz I have quite a difficult time finding things on this website

              1. What will the announcement be, so that I know exactly what I am looking for when you post it?

                For research purposes.

  54. Okay, so I’ve got quite a lot of questions to ask (hope you don’t mind).

    1. What was your inspiration for the Hero’s guide series?
    2. When did you start writing and or want to become an author?
    3. As a high schooler/college student, did you ever imagine that you would become an author in the future?
    4. Do you have any children and or pets? If you have pets, what types of pets?
    5. Do you prefer Windows or Mac?
    6. For people who want to become successful authors, what is some advice you can provide?
    7. Do you play any video games? If so, where do you play them on? And what are your favorite video games?
    8. Are the things we learn in English class, such as writing essays and persuasive techniques, really all that important?
    9. There is a person about to take away a number of really really important cookies away from 5 people each. You can tell the person to take away the same cookies from one other person not included in the original 5 in order to stop the cookies of the 5 people from being taken away. Would you do it? Why or why not?
    10. Besides being an author, what other careers did you consider?

    Sorry for all the questions, and thanks!

    1. 1. The general boringness of the princes in classic fairy tales.
      2. 2nd grade.
      3. Yes, a lot!
      4. I have two children and a dog named Duncan. (Just the dog is named Duncan, not all three of them. I realized that might not have been clear.)
      5. Mac.
      6. Read a lot, write a lot, revise a lot. You only get better with experience.
      7. I used to review video games for a living before I started writing books. I have have always loved the Legend of Zelda games.
      8. Yes. Even though truly creative writing often breaks a lot of the rules, it’s important to know the rules before you break them.
      9. I would have them take the cookies from just one person, and then I would share my cookies with that person. Because, yes, I have cookies. I always have cookies.
      10. Acting!

      1. Thanks for responding!

        I also really love the Zelda games series. I now see where Duncan got his name from too:)

  55. Soooooooooo… mr Christopher book 4 is it gonna be a thing soon? I need to know! I saw you say something earlier that made it seem like it was a thing I’ve been walking around the house randomly squealing. I’m losing my mind. I love your hero’s guide books so much. I read them over and over all the time! Your books are my favorite ever. I’ve never enjoyed any other books so much.

        1. It’s my pleasure. Like 60% of my personality comes from Duncan and I didn’t even realize till yesterday after I finished reading those again. You’re a great writer and I’m hoping to get my hands on your other books sometime soon. Thx for being epic

  56. You have mentioned a lot that you wanted to be an actor before an author. If you were handed a big Hollywood role, would you still take it? What if it was a smaller/smaller paying role?

  57. If you had to pick, which one of the four princes would you want to be? Or, which kingdom would you like to be from? Also, what state do you live in?

    1. Living in the Very Happy Forest of Sylvaria would probably suit me well. Currently, I live in New Jersey. So, basically the same thing.

  58. Your books are awesome! And I can say that because I have read a TON of books. This is easily one of my favorite series! It has everything! Humor, drama, action-you get the point! The only thing I can ask more of is please, please, please, PLEASE (Is that enough pleases to convince ya?) write a fourth one! Take as long as you want! Just assure me you will please give us another?!?!

  59. Mr. Christopher has your movie been made yet? I’ve been searching the internet and I can’t find anything about it except for here

    1. No. Sadly, when two animation studios merged, the Hero’s Guide film got lost in the shuffle. That’s the way things go sometimes in the movie business. 🙁

  60. I just got the first book from a perilous journey of danger and mayhem Series and I’m so excited to read it. Hero’s guide was/is my childhood and I can’t wait to see what else you have written.

  61. Ten year celebration? Wow. Time flies. (btw, love the new look!). It’s really hard to wrap my head around the fact that it was ten whole years ago that smart-aleck-know-it-all-7-year-old-Satori first picked up the Hero’s guide to saving the kingdom. My love for that book is a big reason that next year I will get to go to the women’s college, agnes scott, and take up the writing program. I have already ghost written a book for someone that got published. I really just want to say happy tenth birthday to Fredrick, Gustav, Liam, Duncan, Ella, Rapunzel, Briar, Snow, Lila, and Deeb. Of course I loved hearing about the characters from APJODAM, but it isn’t their birthday, is it. I absolutely can not wait to see what you have in store for the world, Mr Christopher Healy.


    1. Thank you so much, Satori! I can’t think of a more meaningful thing to hear from a reader! Best of luck in college — I know you will wow them all in that writing program!

  62. You’re such a nice person Mr Healy. I don’t understand how you manage to respond to all of these messages(all I’ve seen anyways) it’s rather impressive.

  63. Mr. Healy, you mentioned before that a big announcement was coming soon, when is that going to be? Is it related to the 4th hero’s guide book?

  64. Hello! Thank you for writing A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem series. I really enjoy reading the books!
    In fact, I just purchased a paperback Book 3 of the series. I was a little confused when I read “page 147” because it didn’t make sense. I then noticed pages 147-194 are not there.
    I contacted Barnes and Noble because that is where I ordered and purchased the book. They reordered another book for me. I’m really hoping the “missing pages” are there.
    Again, I love the series and hope to finish it soon.
    Thank you : )

    1. Oh, no! That’s terrible! I’m glad to hear B&N is helping you replace the defective copy, but I’m so sorry you experienced that bizarre glitch to begin with. That’s not a fun thing to have happen while you’re enjoying a book! I will make sure the publisher is aware of this. I’m so happy you’re liking the series though! Thanks!

  65. Dear Mr. Healy,
    We LOVE you books! Are you going to be writing more books in the Hero’s Guide series? They are such great adventures and really hilarious. Thank you for writing them.
    Grace (11) & Lauren (8) T.
    (and mom Kelsy)

  66. Thanks for working on Book 4! We can’t wait to hear the big announcement. What a great series! It’s great to hear our kids laughing while reading. Hopefully your publishers manage to get Bronson Pinchot back as narrator for the 4th book. His voices were hilarious.

  67. big fan, but i have to ask – have you read any of the three stories in the archive of our own tag for the league of princes? if so, are you more of a frederic/gustav fan, or do you support the sole frederic/liam agenda? thank you so much for your response in advance <3

  68. Hi there! I am a big fan, and I was hoping you could do a book signing at Alston Ridge Elementary School? It’s in NC! Bye!

  69. I can’t find your short story. I think I heard somewhere it was at the end of one of your books. So I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know how to get that lol

  70. My little sister just started reading the hero’s guide books and she wanted to know how to say Zaubera and I’m realizing I don’t know how to say it either lol. It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know how to pronounce that name.

  71. I love the hero’s guide to saving your kingdom series! It’s so good! I really hope they will tell us more about the movie! I hope they are still working on it.

    1. Thanks! Sadly, the animation studio working on original film project was shut down and the movie is no longer in development. But we’re hopeful that another producer will pick it up and the Hero’s Guide movie might still see the light of day.

  72. Is this the same Chris Healy that was on 90.7 with sometimes john bastion I know wrong spelling the john that on Stephen colbert?

    1. Not intentionally. But it is one of my favorite movies and has been a huge influence on me, so maybe there was some subconscious inspiration. There are certainly other Princess Bride references in my books. The name Humperdinck, for example, did not show up accidentally.

  73. I have not yet finished A Perilous Journey of danger and mayhem series, but I have loved reading your kids book to my kids and reading the heros guide series. Please write more! I am a 31 year old female, the heros guide constantly makes me smile, giggle, and laugh throughout. It is a great uplifting series!