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Who is Christopher Healy?


Christopher Healy is the author of many books for young readers, including the hit fantasy whodunit, No One Leaves the Castle, the acclaimed Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom series; the historical sci-fi adventure trilogy, A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem; and the picture book, This Is Not That Kind of Book. His books have appeared on the IndieBound Indie Next List, Amazon’s Best Books of the Year, Kirkus’s Best Young Adult Books, and the New York Times Notable Books list; they’ve garnered starred reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly; and they’ve been selected as monthly picks by Amazon, Owl Crate Jr, the Week Jr, and even the Scripps National Spelling Bee! He lives in New Jersey with his wife, two children, and a little fluffball that he’s pretty sure is a dog.


Christopher Healy was born in the quaint Northeastern town of New York City. It was there, as an infant, that Christopher chewed the pages of his very first book. Thus, a lifelong reader was born.

Even in his youth, Christopher knew he would someday be a writer. And he wrote numerous Tables of Contents to prove it, a few of which sounded like they might have made pretty great books had he ever written the stories to go along with them. It would be quite some time before Christopher actually got the chance to write for a living. And his career took many detours before then: cashier, actor, toy store shelf-stocker, person who types things from one place into another place, haunted house zombie, person who makes sure celebrities’ names are spelled correctly in magazines, etc. Eventually, he cobbled together a tiny little video game review — and it actually got published. Thus, a writer was born.

From there, Christopher penned articles for numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites — stories about everything from new video gaming gadgets to the costumes worn by characters in video games (okay, there was a lot about video games back in those early days). Then his own children were born — and Christopher began writing about them. He wrote about their behavior, their taste in room décor, the books they read, the movies they watched, and more. He did so in the pages of Cookie magazine for years, as well as online at ParentDish. He even wrote a whole book about being a new dad (titled Pop Culture — get it, Pop Culture). But finally, he decided he wanted to write a something for his children. And The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom was born.

That book was greeted with much fanfare and thus, two sequels were born. Now, he just can’t stop writing. A whole new trilogy — A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem — has also been born. And his first picture book, This Is Not That Kind of Book, was born. And his brand new spinoff from the Hero’s Guide series, No One Leaves the Castle, has recently been born, with a second volume on the way! And of course, he still writes about all sorts of other things, as well. Including himself. And thus, this About Me page was born.

This is what his desk looks like.

Email me: Chris@christopherhealy.com

Send letters and art to: Christopher Healy, PO Box 507, Maplewood, NJ 07040

For business inquiries, contact my agent, Jill Grinberg: 212-620-5883, Jill@jillgrinbergliterary.com

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  1. when is your birthday I need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is a REALLY random question but have you seen the cartoon network series teen titans go if you haven’t you must!

    1. My birthday is this month. And yes, I have seen Teen Titans Go. It’s a very interesting take on one of my favorite super teams. 🙂

  2. Mr. Healey–you are my hero! Your Hero’s Guide books are my favorite books of all time and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want you to write another one. I also read your short story about the Robber King in “Guys Read.”

    My mom is helping me write this email, and she wants you to know how loyal I am to this series being my favorite–and we read a lot of books! I’ve listened to the audio versions like a thousand times.

    We’ve bought your first Dastdardly Plot book. You need to write more books and faster!

    And our birthdays are in the same month!

    Thank you!

  3. Dear Mr. Healy, I am in the process of finishing up on of your books. I simply adore them! My friend introduced them to me and I see why she kept insisting that I read them! They are amazing!!! Thank you for writing such awesome books! I just have to reread some parts because it is so great, and that causes me to not finish the book. But when I do, I will read it over and over and over again! Thanks again for writing such amazing, awesome, wonderful books that make me feel so excited and ready to go fight giants, witches, and go on an adventure! -Moriah