New Book Title Drop!

The upcoming Hero’s Guide spinoff has an official title! Now, this is not the actual book cover or logo design, just a sneak preview that I shopped for this announcement, BUT every element of it—font, colors, shapes, background, etc.—are clues to the plot of the new book. So have fun with that. And get excited for the coming mystery!

A Big Announcement!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! Why is 2022 such a big deal? Because this year is the 10th Anniversary of The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom! To celebrate, I’ll be hosting a bunch of fun Hero’s Guide events and activities on this site over the course of the year. And it begins right now with the Big Announcement I’ve been teasing for the past few months. (drum roll, please…)


So many kingdoms yet to be explored…

Yes, it’s finally happening! In a sense. While not a full sequel to the original trilogy, the book I am currently writing is a Hero’s Guide spin-off, centering around the further adventures of a certain fan-favorite character. The book represents my first journey back into the Thirteen Kingdoms since my Bandit King story, “The Villain’s Guide to Being a Hero“—and, wow, am I happy to be back! Even more exciting for me, this new novel is a full-fledged mystery story. I’ve always been a huge mystery fan, and this new book holds mysteries a-plenty—the first of which begins right now, as you wonder which familiar character will be the starring detective! And while these pages will hold plenty to excite long-time Hero’s Guide fans, the book will also stand on its own as an individual novel—so tell your mystery-loving friends who may not yet have visited the HG Universe that this will be a great jumping on point!

I’d love to tell you more about the book right now, but that would kinda ruin the mystery. Plus, I’ve got to actually finish writing this thing so they can actually publish it and get it into your hands. Until then, puzzle away!

—Christopher Healy, Jan. 2022

Secrets of the Healyverse?

Do all of my books take place in the same interconnected multiverse? In a word: YES! While the alternate-history version of Earth that appears in A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem is clearly not the same place as the Thirteen Kingdoms of the Hero’s Guide series, there is definitely a connection between those two worlds. The evidence: A certain glowing orange stone with magical powers.

JJDG by Celeste Sessions
JJDG by Celeste Sessions

Kudos to reader, Naomi, who was the first to discover the link between the Jeopardous Jade Djinn Gem from Perilous Journey and the Ambrosium from Hero’s Guide, which I will confirm here both originated from the same source! Of course, this opens up a whole slew of other questions…

Since the Ambrosium is believed to have come to Earth on a meteorite, does that mean that Hero’s Guide takes place on a different planet? Or perhaps that meteorite didn’t come from outer space after all? Or since the mystical Djinn brought the JJDG to the Thirteen Kingdoms from their own magical dimension of Baribunda, did they somehow also bring it to Earth from Baribunda? Is Baribunda a portal between worlds? Or an entire universe unto itself? Or is there some other explanation? I’d love to hear your theories!

A Big Announcement?

A short while ago, I hinted at a big announcement that would be coming soon to this site. Since then, I have had numerous questions from you all as to where that big announcement is, what it is about, and if there really even is a big announcement. These are all good questions. So, to get to the bottom of things, I decided to go to the source of this supposed announcement, Christopher Healy.

Me: So, is there really a big announcement coming? Or are you just a liar?

CH: Whoa! Hey, there’s no need to get so harsh! We are the same person after all.

Me: I don’t care. Are you a liar or not?!

CH: Well, I do write fiction for a living—does that make me a professional liar? Either way, though, I was telling the truth about the big announcement. It is coming.

Me: When?

CH: Soon.

Me: You said it was coming “soon” well over a month ago.

CH: Who can say what “soon” means, really? Is two days soon? Two weeks? Two years?

Me: Two years is not soon.

CH: Okay, I’ll give you that. It will be sooner than two years. In fact, it will be before the end of this year.

Me: Finally a straightforward answer! Thank you! And will this big announcement be about a new book?

CH: Yes, a book I am currently writing.

Me: Is it a fourth Hero’s Guide book?

CH: I can’t say.

Me: That totally means it is, right?

CH: I didn’t say that.

Me: But if it wasn’t, you’d just say it wasn’t, so it must be.

CH: Not necessarily.

Me: Stop being so vague! You’ve hinted that this announcement will excite the readers who’ve been asking you for years for a new Hero’s Guide book.

CH: I think it will.

Me: So that’s the new book: Hero’s Guide Book 4!

CH: No.

Me: Let me get this straight: People ask you for something, you tell them you’re going to give them something that should make them happy, and then you tell them it’s not the thing they asked for.

CH: Sort of? But no exactly.

Me: Aargh! Why are you so frustrating?!

CH: You know exactly why I’m so frustrating! You’re me! In fact, you know the answers to all these questions. So why are you even asking me?

Me: For the kids. I’m doing it for the kids. And I’ll do it again if I have to! You haven’t heard the last of me, Healy!

Well, that’s all for now, kids. I hope this answered some questions for you. Until next time, this is Christopher Healy, signing off from my interview with Christopher Healy.