Hop over to Bookalicious to read my in-depth critique of each of the original Prince Charming characters upon which my Frederic, Liam, Gustav, and Duncan are based. Did any of them really deserve to be called heroes? (Plus you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of the book!)

Click here for my very first video interview, in which I answer questions from Misty, of TheBookRat.com. As is true of many people, I hate the way I look and sound on camera, so I, myself,  won’t be viewing this interview any more. But by all means, please give if a go. In it, I reveal some teaser info about Hero’s Guide Book II.

Zip over to Novel Novice (where I’ll also have an interview next month) to find an excerpt from The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kigndom. This snippet reveals some of the backstory between our Cinderella and, Frederic, her Prince Charming. It’s accompanied by more lovely art by Todd Harris.

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