Thank you to everyone who entered our very first contest! Your task was to draw Prince Frederic’s loyal valet, REGINALD! Poor Reginald has been Frederic closest confidant and most loyal servant since the prince was born—and yet, he’s never had his own portrait… Until now! Here is the winning entry by Amy Park!


Amy Park (Winner!)

Amy Park (Winner!)

And here are runners up, Anabel Stickney and Ben Adkins.

Anabel Stickney (Runner Up)

Anabel Stickney (Runner Up)

Ben Adkins (Runner Up)

Ben Adkins (Runner Up)













Check out Amy’s, Ben’s, and Anabel’s artwork in the gallery on the contest page, along with a bunch of very worthy honorable mentions. And thanks again to all who entered!


For any of you who’ve ever wondered what my school visits are like, this article from New Jersey newspaper, The Town Journal, paints a pretty nice picture of them. Click to read the whole article.


School Visit Article

Contest #1: What the Heck Does That Character Look Like, Anyway: Reginald Edition has had its deadline extended. Entries will now be accepted until midnight on Sunday, October 18th. So what are you waiting for? Draw me some pictures! Creativity counts for more than artistic talent, so don’t worry if your best work is in the “lopsided stick figure” genre, just make your lopsided stick figure look totally butler-like. I have the most awesome fans in the world: I know you can do it!

Catch me at the 2015 Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, October 3rd, from 10am–4pm at Bell Middle School in Chappaqua, New York. I’ll be there all day, signing and selling books, chatting with fans, and at noon, doing a reading from The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. As awesome as I am, though, I’m not the only attraction. Check out the amazing list of other authors who will also be there.

Yeah, I know—it’s very tiny writing. But believe me, my name is on there. Click over to the festival website to see a much more readable version. And then come visit me there!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back. Sorry that took a while, folks. But I hope you’ll agree that the site is now much nicer than it was back in July. For one thing, it’s a whole lot neater. Way less cluttered. It should be (I hope!) easier to navigate. And while old visitors are not going to find a ton of new content yet—it’s coming. Expect more frequent blog posts, monthly-ish contests, reader challenges, and some other random bits of silliness to be forthcoming.

The first big new addition is already here: CONTESTS! Check out—and enter!—our inaugural contest, in which I challenge you to draw the previously-never-illustrated character of Reginald, Prince Frederic’s stalwart servant. You could win some signed books!

And, hey, if you have any suggestions for new features you’d like to see on this site—send ’em my way! Email me at Or just click the tiny envelope icon in the upper left corner.

Stay tuned also, for news on the upcoming relaunch of, which is also currently under renovation. And thanks for sticking with me!

Hello, readers and visitors to this website! I’ll be taking a little break for the remainder of the month, so please don’t be offended if I don’t respond immediately to your posts and emails. You can still feel free to post and email during that time, but understand that I won’t reply until August. Also, when I come back in early August, I plan to hold a grand relaunching of this site, complete with new fun stuff, like contests and such. will be better than ever. So be sure to check back in a few weeks. Until then, always remember that you’re the soup!

Christopher Healy

Today is a very exciting day for Hero’s Guide heroes! The 2015 Audie Awards—think of them as the Oscars for audiobooks—were handed out at a gala ceremony last night.  And the award for Best Solo Male Narration went to…




Bronson Pinchot (in what felt like an appropriate photo for the spirit of these books


Bronson Pinchot for his performance of The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw!


My congratulations (and heartfelt thanks) go out to Mr. Pinchot. I was incredibly lucky to land such a talented actor for my books.

You can purchase a download of the now AWARD WINNING audiobook through this link. (As well as the first two books in the series, both of which were also expertly narrated by Bronson Pinchot—is there anything the man can’t do?!)

Ugh! We are experiencing technical difficulties here at To any of you who may have tried to email me at in the past week or so, I may not have received your message. I am trying my best to get it all fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can continue to post to the comments section of any page on this site. Thanks for your patience!

I am thrilled and honored to announce that The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom has been selected for the Texas Library Association’s 2015-2016 Bluebonnet Award Master List. I am especially thrilled and honored considering the 19 other amazing books on that list. Even if you’re not at one of the schools eligible to vote, you should check out the nominees.


Bluebonnet Logo

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