It’s amazing what you can find while cleaning up your office. I’d thought I lost the original character sketches I drew way back when I first started on Hero’s Guide—and I was right. I totally lost them. But I just found them again! So I thought I’d share them here. Considering that the amazing Todd Harris never laid eyes on these drawings of mine, can you see why I got so excited when I saw his designs for these very same characters?

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  1. Greetings!
    I am a Reese sized fan of your work! Just wanted to leave a comment to ask about the potential for a sequel series for the Hero’s Guide books. Will this ever be a thing? If not, perhaps a small book full of short stories? (Lila’s first bounty hunting job perhaps, or maybe a story based on Frank and the dwarves) I will take any new content you throw our way, especially if you manage to get it narrated by the incredible Bronson Pinchot again… Anyway, thank you for your time, and for your work.

    A big fan.

      1. Well, that’s exiting! I can’t wait to find out what this is about! And hints for when we can expect an announcement of whatever is happening? Ahh!! I’m so exited!

    1. That’s not cool! No one should be mean. I’m sorry to hear that. But, hey, we’re all friends here and you’re welcome to stay.