No One Leaves the Castle Fan Art (Send More!)

Hero’s Guide Concept Art (by Yours Truly, Christopher Healy)

These are some of the sketches I drew as reference for myself while writing the first Hero’s Guide book. See which characters ended up looking like Todd Harris’s drawings and which ended up a bit different.

Hero’s Guide Fan Art (by You All!)

I want your fan art! Email it to me at Or send it via snail mail to: Christopher Healy P.O. Box 507, Maplewood NJ 07040. But unless you are giving me your original artwork as a gift to keep (Thanks, that’s so sweet!), you should only send copies, because I won’t be able to return it. Please only send art that is legally yours, and if you don’t want it put online, please say so, otherwise I will share it here!

Special Fan Art Gallery: Reginald Edition

Some characters have never been illustrated in the books. Those are my favorites to get fan drawings of. Frederic’s loyal valet, Reginald, is one such example.