Fan Art Gallery!

I want your fan art! Send me your drawings, paintings, macaroni sculptures—whatever you’ve got! Come on, we all know you’re better than that Todd Harris guy anyway! Scan your illustrations and email them to me at (you can also just click the little envelope at the top of the screen). Or send stuff to me via snail mail at: Christopher Healy P.O. Box 507, Maplewood NJ 07040. But unless you are presenting me with your original artwork as a gift you want me to keep (Thanks, that’s so sweet of you!), you should only send me copies, because I won’t be able to return anything sent to me. [And now for the important legal part: Please be aware that by sending me your artwork, you are granting me the right to use that artwork on this website or in other promotional materials. Also, only send artwork that is legally yours—which means, for instance, that you can’t pull one of Todd’s sketches off the Internet, add a mustache, and pretend you drew it yourself. Thank you.]




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