I am available for school and library visits, both real and virtual (via Zoom). Write to me at for rates.

“Five-Minute Fairy Tale!”

Here’s  a basic rundown of what I like to do for an in-person visit:


• Discuss my journey from “kid who likes to make up stories” to “professional author,” including some talk about the writing process.

• Talk about my books—how I came up with the ideas, how I created characters and crafted plots.


• “Writing in Layers”—Using story creation techniques I just discussed, the students and I will write a short story of our own.

• Explain how kids can use the “Layers” technique as a writing exercise at home, or a revision tool for schoolwork. (Teachers tend to like this one.)


• Q&A: Ask me anything! I’ll answer anything that doesn’t stray too far beyond the borders of appropriateness.


Here’s what I can do for Zoom visits:

• Basic intro of myself and my books

• Discussion of the writing process


•  “How books are made.”

• Possible cameo appearance by my dog

• Q&A (the best part, really)

And if you’re still not sold, take a gander at this article from New Jersey’s Town Journal newspaper:

School Visit Article

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  1. Can you please come to Anchorage Alaska? Chugach Optional School? Please, i love your books and I know a bunch of people who do to!!!!!

    1. If I do, I bet it will be the awesomest school visit ever! It might take some convincing to get my publisher to send me to Alaska, but hey, you never know. I will tell them you said I should come.

      1. Would you be able to go to The Sanibel School? Or the Sanibel Public Library? You’ve probably never heard of either, but, well,… anyway, I totally love all 3 of your “The Hero’s Guide” books. Of course, I am the only one in my school who has read them, but I’m certain that I could convince my teachers or librarian to earmark some time for a guest speaker. Perhaps in reading class, as it is so boring…

          1. Florida. Fly in at FT. Meyers airport. I am glad your visits are awesome. Please come, if you can, this coming September, as school is letting out now ( we leave on June 5th.) Of course, more diversions from class would be welcome… If you show up before June 5, come between 9:10 and 11:00 on a Wednesday or Friday. That’s when reading class is. Ironically, I like the action of reading, but I despise the class.

            1. At this point in the year, I can safely say I would not arrive before June 5th. Next school year could be a possibility, but I’d need to hear from your school librarian or administration. By the way, since you’re in Florida, did you know that The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom has been nominated for the 2015-2016 Sunshine State Young Readers Award? I believe it’s the students who vote for the winners, so if you’d like to support Hero’s Guide, you can help get out the vote at your school.

              1. Awesome!!!!! I am on the Battle of the Books team this year, so, next year, I’ll chose The Hero’s Guide books for my expert books and not even have to do any additional reading!

                  1. I suppose that you are right. Actually, my mom thought it had something to do with that. Which is odd, because I’d say that, out of the women of the series, she is most like Snow.

  2. Dear Mr. Healy,
    Do you like the feel of warm sunshine and the breathtaking sight of a setting sun at the beach? Want a relaxing vacation? Florida is the place to be, no matter the season. You should come to Sarasota, Florida to visit Pine View School for the Gifted- a school that germinates some of the quirkiest and most creative people. Unfortunately, my school’s laser focus on academic success has become its very bane. I believe that this school that once birthed imaginative individuals has forgotten the value of a creative mind. But perhaps the touch of genius can save at least some of these creative minds from falling into the doldrums of normal society. If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself- you wouldn’t be disappointed by the unique ideas that our youngsters present.

    1. Thank you, Clever Alias (If that is your real name…) I would absolutely love a trip to Sarasota. Especially once it gets all wintry up here in the Northeast. And, hey, Florida visits are certainly not impossible (I’m planning to be in the Palm Beach area in April). And of course, Skype visits are even easier. Check in with my by direct email:

      1. Please come to tanglewood elementary school. so many people know about your book. My friends read the first book and they loved is in Texas, FortWorth.

        1. Wow, I continue to be blown away by how much love Hero’s Guide has been getting from Texas. (Thanks, guys!) I’ve already visited the Lone Star State a few times (and had some truly amazing school visits while I was there) and will definitely do so more. Have your teacher or school librarian contact me directly to discuss potential visits.

  3. The students in my school are really enjoying your book: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. They are thrilled that it is on our SSYRA list this year. I would love to set up a time to Skype with you during our Literacy week (January 25-29). I am the Media Specialist, and would probably plan on having several classes Skype with you in the Media Center. Please let me know if you are available during that week.
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Laurie Arnez
    Media Specialist
    Seagate Elementary
    Naples, FL