I am available for school and library visits, both real and virtual (via Zoom). Write to me at for rates.

“Five-Minute Fairy Tale!”

Here’s  a basic rundown of what I like to do for an in-person visit:


• Discuss my journey from “kid who likes to make up stories” to “professional author,” including some talk about the writing process.

• Talk about my books—how I came up with the ideas, how I created characters and crafted plots.


• “Writing in Layers”—Using story creation techniques I just discussed, the students and I will write a short story of our own.

• Explain how kids can use the “Layers” technique as a writing exercise at home, or a revision tool for schoolwork. (Teachers tend to like this one.)


• Q&A: Ask me anything! I’ll answer anything that doesn’t stray too far beyond the borders of appropriateness.


Here’s what I can do for Zoom visits:

• Basic intro of myself and my books

• Discussion of the writing process


•  “How books are made.”

• Possible cameo appearance by my dog

• Q&A (the best part, really)

And if you’re still not sold, take a gander at this article from New Jersey’s Town Journal newspaper:

School Visit Article

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  1. Do you think you could come to Marlington High School or Rodman Public Library? Both are in Ohio. I would LOVE if you could come to our school, and I have friends who would FREAK OUT if they knew you were anywhere close! <3 🙂

  2. My 5th graders and I just finished Book 1 of The Hero’s Guide and would LOVE to have you visit! We’re fully remote, so all of our class time is spent online (which is JUST as exciting as it sounds!) 🙁 The favorite part of our day has been right before lunch when I read aloud, and this story has DEFINITELY been one of our favorites! Let us know if you’re available and we’ll gladly save you a spot in our Meet!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to have been able to bring some fun and joy to you and your students in this trying year. And I would be more than happy to schedule a virtual visit! I’m going to email you directly to set it up.

  3. I wish I could meet you. I live in Missouri but I’m home schooled so the only way I could meet you if is if you came on some other business such as one of our festivals. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to read all your books again lol

    1. Hey, I’ve done signings at book festivals in many different states. Me showing up in Missouri sometime isn’t out of the question. Any public events I’ll be doing will be posted on this site in the “Hear Ye, Hear Ye!” sidebar. In the meantime, though, enjoy reading the books again! 🙂