The Thirteen Kingdoms Mystery Challenge!

Welcome to the Thirteen Kingdoms Mystery Challenge, an interactive mystery that YOU can solve!  The Rumpston Gourd, largest pumpkin in the land, has been stolen from the Rumpston River Festival in Carpagia. Local authorities are unsure who absconded with the spectacular squash, but eight of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Kingdoms were present at the fair and it is believed that one of them is the culprit. View the suspects below, then explore and investigate to figure out which of these sly scalawags is the culprit.

INSTRUCTIONS: The game revolves around clues and hints. Clues will lead you to hints, and the hints—which will always be about the thief’s identity—will help you eliminate suspects. A word of advice: Take notes along the way. Believe me, it will help. Once you’ve narrowed it down to just one person of interest, come back here and click the button below to go to the accusation page. BE CAREFUL: Don’t make an accusation until you’re completely certain of the culprit, because you’ve only got ONE SHOT at apprehending the correct thief.

Clues have been hidden throughout the pages of both this site,, and They can be anywhere, so scroll, read, and click anything that looks suspicious. (You can skip the comments, though. I promise there is nothing related to this game in any of the comments. I would never be so cruel as to force someone to read thousands of Internet comments.) There are many clues, but only six hints—and you’ll need all of them to be 100% certain of your accusation. Remember: Clues and hints will be found on BOTH websites!

Meet Your Suspects for the Mystery Challenge!

Here’s one clue to get you started: Across the two websites, you’ll find five clues that reveal an individual red letter. Once you have all five letters, unscramble them to get a hint about the thief.