This happened in real life. It happens in the book too!


What is Perilous Journey? It’s my new novel, coming out in fall 2018.

Fall 2018? But that’s so long from now. Well, the story takes place in 1883, so it’s even longer for the characters.

What’s the book about? It’s about a couple of young inventors’ assistants who stumble across a dastardly plot that will ruin the World’s Fair.

Can you tell us anything else about the plot? Besides it being dastardly? I suppose it’s also diabolical.

This guy’s not in the book—but he’s awesome!

No, the plot of the book! Oh. It’s got a bunch of famous real-life historical people in it. Though they might not be depicted the way you imagine them (sort of like the fairy tale characters in the Hero’s Guide books).

Anything else? No, the plot’s a secret!

The plot in the book or the plot of the book? Both! But I’ll reveal more when I can.




What is The Worst Thing About Saving the World? It’s another novel I’m working on, coming out sometime in the future. Even though it takes place in the present.

Wow, that sounds like time travel! Now you’re being silly.

But, wait! Hasn’t this book been listed on your website for, like, 57 years already? Yes, but it’s still not coming out until sometime after Perilous Journey.

How do you explain that? Time travel.

So what’s this Worst Thing book about? It’s about an average, everyday kid who saves the world and then finds it really difficult to go back to middle school and be normal.

If you’ve already written it, why do we have to wait until after Perilous Journey for it to come out? We’re not using printing presses for this one. Every copy will be individually handwritten by monks, like they did back in the Middle Ages.

That’s a joke, right? Yes.

Does the real answer have something to do with time travel? I wish! No, the real answer is that, though I finished my first draft of Worst Thing, there were still some plot holes that needed filling. And while I was stuck, thinking about how to fill them, I took a break to start work on another book idea—Perilous Journey. Except that one just kept going. Sometimes writers need to obey their brains.



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  1. Is the worst thing about saving the world actually going to be made? So like after perilous journey 3 you will write the worst thing about saving the world. And then what? (I strongly recommend writing hero’s guide 4)

  2. Ok. These are yes or no questions
    Will your next book be heroes guide?
    Will you write a hero’s guide book 4?
    Will you be writing another series?
    Ok. These are regular
    Will you be introducing more series? If so, what?
    Will the short story you wrote be included in the next hero’s guide?
    Can you update the “Upcoming titles” page?

    1. No, my very next book will be the last part of the Perilous Journey trilogy, out this fall. Yes, I plan to write a Hero’s Guide Book 4. Maybe I will write another series (definitely more book, but not necessarily series). No, the short story will not be part of the next Hero’s Guide. And yes, I can update the Upcoming Titles page.

      1. Like as in Red and Deeb will not be in the 4th book? that would be sad. I really loved both characters. Also, in your mind, has the time progressed in the 13 kingdoms (making lila about 20 or so, or is she only like 15 or is she still 14, but wait, if she would be 20 today that would make her like 17-18 during the short story, making deeb like 15-16. Woah. If that was true, he did not mature whatsoever. Well, I guess saving someone could be called maturity, but he did immediately return to being a robber. Woah, rauber is his last name. Is that a coincidence? I think not. Also, I just looked it up and Deeb means thief. Did you seriously name him thief robber? I love it.)

        Side note: I am 13 years old and the reagan who wrote the other comments with all the writing and stuff about genies and stuff. Because of ur help, I published my first book. It is a children’s book where the main character is named after whatever person orders it. i.e. if a kid named ryan bought it, it would be called ryan in miss sparks class, if a kid named sadie bought it, it would be called sadie in miss sparks class. So yeah, thanks for the tips. Hopefully in the future I can write books aimed at 10-13 year old’s.

        Tl/dr, has time progressed in your books? are red and deeb gonna be in a possible future book?

        1. Time progresses in the Thirteen Kingdoms, but not at the same speed as real world time. The short story, for instance, takes place only a month or two after the events of Being an Outlaw. So don’t worry, Lila will still be 14 the next time you see her.