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  1. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you wright more of the Heros Gide To books? PLACES (i realy do love your books)

  2. Great news! I got a friend hooked on these! I read her 3 paragraphs and that was all we talked about for the rest of the time. “I’ll do anything because I’m a total goofnoodle! Flippy whizz-pimples!” -Deeb. That was her favorite part.
    I love these trailers! 😀 I’m totally writing book number four. Except I’m not going to publish it. I’m going to keep Liam and Ella’s romance for my own personal enjoyment. Because that’s all it is so far. For the past twenty pages or so. I’m not the best writer, because I tend to decide that I enjoy writing about one topic and there’s fifty pages of that, then I try to write another part of the book, and it all just comes back to the first bit. -Sigh- Oh well. I’ll just read yours fifty times in a row and laugh until 11 at night until my dad yells at me to turn the darn lights off. Mostly at…. I don’t know I love them all so much! (But especially Liam and Ella. ((Which you’ve probably already figured out.)) (((Oh wait, and Periwinkle Pete ((((I mean Petalblossombreezesong)))) ))) ) Wow, that was a lot of parentheses… I’ll quit my rambling. Bye! 😀

  3. I just finished Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw and all I can say is that I am so happy that I picked up the first book – a week back – from the shelf! Every installment was filled with humor, action, and an amazing plot, all of which I search for in a book. After having finished Blood of Olympus (the last book the Heroes of Olympus series) I had kinda stopped reading books for a while after being thoroughly disappointed with the ending (sorry, Rick), but about two weeks later, a good friend of mine recommended your book, and after some hesitation, I began to read it. Best. Decision. Ever. Before I knew it I was already on the second book, and have now finished the third and last. Thanks for getting me through my book depression, and writing such an astounding story Homie (can I call you that?)!!

    1. I have every intention of writing more Hero’s Guide at some point in the future. For the time being, however, my plate is full with The Worst Thing About Saving the World and the upcoming Perilous Journey series.

  4. I absolutely love your heros guide books. They’re funny and adventurous at the same time. I like how you ended The Heros Guide To Being An Outlaw end with [SPOILER]. But I have one question,what happens next?

    1. Thank you. As for what happens next? Well, you might need to wait a while on that. But in the meantime, I’d love to know what you think the answer is.

      1. I think that they will become time travelers and meet doctor who! And the doctor will go back to the beginning of the books and throw melons at liam!

  5. what is the plot for this perilous journey series? it sounds exciting! how far have you gotten on it, writing wise? when is going to come out? is Todd Harris providing illustrating?
    sorry, i’d better go. i’m running out of question marks

    1. The plot for Perilous Journey is very sketchy at this point, but it takes place about 130 years ago and features singing robots. Or something like that. Like I said, it’s very sketchy. It’ll be a long while before it’s done (especially since I’m still working on The Worst Thing About Saving the World), and I have no idea who will provide illustrations.

  6. You Should make a movie!!! Especially the Storming the castle. Even if it was my castle!!! I want to be the star. Then steal all the snot faced producer’s pants!!!! Because I am not a nice man!!!!!

  7. YOUR BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’m so excited for the Perilous Journey series! But honestly, I’m dying here! I don’t have much to read and if a book doesn’t come out in the next year, I’m afraid I’ll have to throw some rotten melon at you. 🙁

        1. Let me, author Christopher Healy, state for the record that while Prince Liam hates all melons, I do not. I hate most melons. Though I have, on occasion, had a tasty bit of cantaloupe.

  8. Hi Mr.Healy! We are the ones that had the Hornet’s Gala you signed the book for. I wish I had one it. I want a signed one so bad! 🙂 What is it like to be an author getting all this fanmail and praise? Read and send back soon! Please! I am a big fan! ( I know all people say that, but really I would spray paint my room pink to look like Duncan’s castle, collect spoons, and have people toss melons at me to be a real #1 fan!)

    1. Wow, Anabel, you certainly are an enthusiastic fan! Thanks for the comment! I would strongly advise against having people throw melons at you, though. It would end up quite messy and almost definitely somewhat painful. And please don’t paint your room pink until you’ve given a lot of thought as to whether you’d really be happy sleeping in what looks like the inside of a cotton candy machine. Collect all the spoons you want, though–I have no problem with that. (And hey, if you still want a signed book, try entering our “What Does That Character Look Like Anyway?” contest on the “Be a Winner!” page.)

  9. Hi Christopher Healy,I love the hero’s guide books and love for you to make more right now I’m on the second book I’m almost done,and I can’t wait for the worst thing about saving the world I’m sure it will be great just like the hero’s guide book.

  10. As my pen name states, I don’t really like bananas, so I’m glad they’re not really in the hero’s guide to being an outlaw. By the way, the titles are switched, with ‘storming the castle’ labeled as ‘being an outlaw’ and vise versa.

        1. My website was fritzing in weird ways for a couple or months (I blame the daleks), but I finally moved it to a new server and now it’s performing swimmingly. So—fingers crossed—hopefully no more glitches.

  11. Hello Mr.Healy! I am a big fan and I have read your books so many times! I practically have them motorized! I am so excited for your new book!! EEEEEE! My mom loves them too! I tell all of my friends about your books. Can you do another drawing contest please? I love to draw so so much!!

        1. None of those things have been decided yet. But just for fun, let’s say it will be called “The Hero’s Guide to Avoiding Skunks” and that it will be available in paperback, audiobook, and skywriting.

  12. You should make a book called the outlaws guide to being a hero about Deeb saving the kingdoms from an evil sorcerer named gorge the great!

  13. and those fluffy princesses and everybody else I don’t like being a side character. I mean come on who in their right minds would want to sped all of their time reading about the same people

    P.S. where did I get this thing anyway
    P.P.S. I very much enjoy all of your tales especially the part about me thanks!

  14. There should be a book where they go back in time to there younger selves on some mission to find a magical amulet before it is destroyed in an event that was also the caused of the death of Ella’s mother! It’ll de a really fun way to learn about the character’s history.

  15. I teach 6th grade and my students fight over who gets to read your books next! Thank you for being a funny, clean, and interesting author. I just purchased the first 2 of your next series and you would have thought I brought gold into my room to give away. lol. Thank you so much for writing books that make even the kids who hate reading want to read.