Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!
The brand new trailer for No One Leaves the Castle is here!

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  1. Hi Christopher Healy,I love the hero’s guide books and love for you to make more right now I’m on the second book I’m almost done,and I can’t wait for the worst thing about saving the world I’m sure it will be great just like the hero’s guide book.

  2. As my pen name states, I don’t really like bananas, so I’m glad they’re not really in the hero’s guide to being an outlaw. By the way, the titles are switched, with ‘storming the castle’ labeled as ‘being an outlaw’ and vise versa.

        1. My website was fritzing in weird ways for a couple or months (I blame the daleks), but I finally moved it to a new server and now it’s performing swimmingly. So—fingers crossed—hopefully no more glitches.

  3. Hello Mr.Healy! I am a big fan and I have read your books so many times! I practically have them motorized! I am so excited for your new book!! EEEEEE! My mom loves them too! I tell all of my friends about your books. Can you do another drawing contest please? I love to draw so so much!!

        1. None of those things have been decided yet. But just for fun, let’s say it will be called “The Hero’s Guide to Avoiding Skunks” and that it will be available in paperback, audiobook, and skywriting.