Trailers! Trailers! Trailers!
The brand new trailer for No One Leaves the Castle is here!

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  1. You should make a book called the outlaws guide to being a hero about Deeb saving the kingdoms from an evil sorcerer named gorge the great!

  2. and those fluffy princesses and everybody else I don’t like being a side character. I mean come on who in their right minds would want to sped all of their time reading about the same people

    P.S. where did I get this thing anyway
    P.P.S. I very much enjoy all of your tales especially the part about me thanks!

  3. There should be a book where they go back in time to there younger selves on some mission to find a magical amulet before it is destroyed in an event that was also the caused of the death of Ella’s mother! It’ll de a really fun way to learn about the character’s history.

  4. I teach 6th grade and my students fight over who gets to read your books next! Thank you for being a funny, clean, and interesting author. I just purchased the first 2 of your next series and you would have thought I brought gold into my room to give away. lol. Thank you so much for writing books that make even the kids who hate reading want to read.