The Hero’s Guide to Being a Blog Tour has begun! First, stop by the Book Rat to meet the convicted rebel, Val Jeanval—what part will she play in the adventures of the League of Princes? Then hop over to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers to be introduced to Rapunzel’s helpful sprites, Blink & Deedle. More new character bios to come.


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  1. Hello Mr. Healy! I am a HUGE fan of your books 🙂 and so are some of my friends. I have 4 questions for you!
    1. Are the 13 kingdoms based on Europe?
    2. Where is Kom Pai?
    3. Do you have any intentions of a spin-off series?
    4. Some of my friends were wondering if we could do a play off the first book!
    Thank You for being such a good writer,
    Your #1 Fan, Hunter James.

    1. Hello, Hunter! I am a HUGE fan of your comments and so are some of my friends (well, okay, my kids). I have 4 answers for you!
      1. Only very vaguely. They are European-ish, I suppose. Just like the settings in all those old Grimm’s fairy tales, in which they never say exactly where those kingdoms are located.
      2. Kom-Pai is a land far off to the East. The only ways to get their are to travel through either Dar or Frostheim, which is why no one gets there very often. It is not one of the Thirteen Kingdoms. It is also a place where, apparently, they have ninjas.
      3. Intentions? Yes! There are no definitive plans for one at the moment, but I’ve got several spin-off stories rolling around in my brain. I’m sure they’ll get out someday.
      4. I think it would be awesome for some fans to do a play based on the books! If you do it, feel free to send pictures or anything to me at this site ( — I’d love to see them!