The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

by Christopher Healy

(May 1st, 2012: Walden Pond Press/HarperCollins)

There’s a lot you don’t know about Prince Charming.

Sure, we’re all aware of those guys who show up at the end of fairy tales to save the princesses, throw on a fancy suit, and get hitched in a lavish wedding. But have you ever wondered who those guys really are? Or if the few, meager facts we do hear about them are even true? (Hint: Generally not.)

In the first volume of the Hero’s Guide saga, we meet Prince Frederic, Prince Liam, Prince Gustav, and Prince Duncan — better known as the Princes Charming who rescued Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Snow White, respectively — and find out that these men are far more (or less) than the cardboard cutout heroes we’ve heard tales about. Rejected by their princesses and cast out of their kingdoms, these four men bond over their shared anonymity and band together to battle witches, goblins, trolls, bandits, and giants in order to save each of their kingdoms from a diabolical plot. And by the end, with any luck, they may finally become the real heroes they were always meant to be.

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IndieBound Indie Next List Winner Best Books of the Year Winner

Kirkus Reviews Best Young Adult Book Winner

New York Times Notable Winner

“One of the more clever, hilariously successful incarnations of the current literary rage to rip apart and rewrite fairy tales… The princes in “The Hero’s Guide” may not be charming, but Healy’s romp of a book about them most certainly is.” —Los Angeles Times

“The premise is indeed charming…a quest that recalls at moments the Musketeers and at others, the Marxes.” —New York Times Book Review

“Healy’s fast-paced debut is overflowing with suspense, humor, and carefully developed characters. Healy injects age-old characters and fairy tale tropes with a fresh, contemporary sensibility, resulting in a crowd-pleaser with laugh-out-loud lines on nearly every page.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The fairy-tale world is tongue-in-cheek but fleshed out, creating its own humor rather than relying on pop-culture references. Healy juggles with pitch-perfect accuracy, rendering the princes as goobers with good hearts and individual strengths, keeping them distinct and believable. Inventive and hilarious.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“[A] lively, humorous adventure.” —Wall Street Journal

“This is the most fun you can have short of rounding up King Arthur’s knights, filling their armor with laughing gas, and driving them to a roller disco.” —Frank Cottrell Boyce, New York Times bestselling author of COSMIC

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  1. This book now tops my list of favorite books! Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂 <—[mom's note: My son is an avid reader and couldn't put this book down. He begged me to look up when the next one will be out since it the sleeve says Book 1. Guess he has a bit of a wait! Please let us know as soon as the next one is out!]

    1. Thanks for writing. So glad you enjoyed Hero’s Guide! Book 2: The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle will be available May 1st, 2013. Sorry you have to wait so long, but I have to finish writing it first!

      1. Hi!!! I am a HUGE fan of your books!!:) I was wondering if your going to make a third book!!!! I mean you have too!!!!

        1. You’re right, I do have to! It’s in my contract. But seriously, the third book will be out in the spring. I hope you’ll like it just as much.

          1. excuse me Mr. Healy is your hero’s guide trilogy really being made into movies by the guys who made ice age or not because that was announced in 2012 but no news have been said ever since because if i was a film writer who made his own fairy tale movie i would a cartoon thats tex avery style

            1. Yes, Blue Sky Studios is still working on an animated Hero’s Guide feature film. Animated movies just take a really long time to make. I’ll post updates as I get them.

    2. I found “The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom” in the back of a bookshelf in November 2013, and I have been hooked on this series ever since! I check out both websites all the time, and I take the quizzes on your other website regularly (always getting Duncan and Ella as my results). I LOVE the series, and I got two of my friends to start reading it, too! I’m already at the end of the third book, and if they turn “The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom” into a movie, me and my friends will be in the front row the very first day that the movie theater plays it. To sum up this huge paragraph-I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!


    1. THANK YOU!!! But I’m sorry to say you will have to wait a little bit until the next one comes out. The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle (Book 2) will be published in April 2013.

  3. I really;really; really loved your book! I am so exited for your next book. When you came to our school and talked about your book; the second schoolwas out I wanted to buy it. Luckly; my mom ordered it for me.
    im a big fan!

  4. I LOVE this book!!!!

    It was so amazing, i got my two best friends to read it!!!

    I can’t wait for the next one to come out!!


    1. Thanks for spreading the news about Hero’s Guide! Book 2 comes out in April. It’s all written and is currently being illustrated by the magically talented Todd Harris.

  5. I loved the first book and can’t wait for the next one. I usually don’t read very fast, but I finished this book in two days! It probably is the best book I have ever read!

    1. Two days?! Awesome. You win the Speedy Reader Award! Sorry, there’s no trophy or anything. But you can tell anyone you want that I awarded it to you. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed Hero’s Guide!

      1. I finished it in 1 afternoon! But that’s rather standard for me so I’m not saying Charlotte is slow or anything… I hope they make a movie with real actors. I do want them to wait t till I grow up and become an actor so I can play Ella…

          1. Dont´t worry. I wasn´t the one to pay for it. 🙂 But seeing as to I immediately bought the second book, yes, I do think it was anybody´s money´s worth.

  6. Dear Mr. Healy,
    I really want you to come to either St. Christopher’s or St. Catherine’s. I was the girl who got an ‘advance copy edition’. You are now my favorite author.

    1. I’m not sure which St. Christopher’s or St. Catherine’s you attend, but if I do end up speaking at yours, feel free to say hi and let me know you’re the Lilly who posted on my site.

  7. Another mommy here looking for the 2nd book since the cover says 1 !!!! Our kids are LOVING it! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, you still have a number of months to wait before Book 2 hits the stands. But it will be titled, “The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle” and will be in stores this coming April.

  8. OMGoodness, what a delightful book! My daughter, age 7, and I could not put it down, except for every three or four minutes to LAUGH HYSTERICALLY and catch our breath to read on….:) We finished today, and she wants me to read it again and is asking about the next one, where, of course, Liam gets together with Ella, Frederick heals the world with Rapunzel, Snow and Duncan continue to frolick, and Gustav tames Briar Rose, among other beasts… (Well, this is what we envision…) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get a screen play to Disney and make a fortune for your talents!!! I will be using the Hero’s Guide in two of my classes this year–I am sure it will become their favorite book! Thank you, Christopher Healy, for giving birth to these strong quirky characters and adding JOY into the world with this tale.
    You are our new HERO,
    Terri Burch and Merina Russo

    1. Yay! I’m a hero! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled that you and Merina enjoyed the book so much. I like all the predictions you’ve made; it will be interesting to see which, if any, actually come to pass. You’ll get a hint in April, when “The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle” comes out — but that’s only Book 2! You might have to wait even longer to find out if all your predictions ultimately come true or not. But I’m happy to have you along for the ride. And in the meantime… Twentieth Century Fox Animation has optioned movie rights to Hero’s Guide, so keep on the lookout for film news, too! Thanks again!

  9. Thanks so much for reading this book it was awesome! I was reading it on the train and had to clap a hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh out loud and weird everyone out. As an aspiring children/YA author myself, books like yours serve as inspiration. I’m so glad to hear there’s a sequel and I can’t wait for it to come out! Congrats also for the film rights, I’ll be sure to see that one. Also, I agree with Terri Burch’s predictions and I’d love to see how the romance plays out 🙂 Thanks again for writing this great book and entertaining me on long train rides. You are officially on my favorite authors list 🙂

      1. Are you making a fourth book? I read heroes guide book one I five days and book two in 3 days I’m still reading book three and it’s so good! I wasn’t that much of a fan of books before but now I’m in love with them! You have to make a book four!!!!

        1. Hey, if I turned you into a book fan, I think that counts as officially winning as an author. Thanks! That’s totally amazing! And Book 4… Well, someday.

  10. Oops I’m sorry I made a mistake, I meant ‘writing this book’, not ‘reading’. I was too excited to write a comment I guess!

  11. Hello, Mr. Healy! I just wanted to say…1. I loved your book! I saw that it said Book One, and I was so excited! It’s a series, I thought! I looked it up, and became very upset that you published it this year because I wanted the second one right away. I still love it, and I can not WAIT to read the second one. 2. I am very proud of you. Yes, this sounds so weird coming from a fourteen year old to a grown man, but I am. You have written back to every person who commented on this! Wow! A lot of authors can’t write back and it is very sad. You and Christopher Paolini are the nicest authors, I believe. (Or, at least, this are the two authors that I have seen that write back to their fans. My friends and I still have Christopher Paolini’s letter!) 3. I have written a book. It is from NaNoWriMo, which means National Novel Writing Month. It is in November, and this website sets up a challenge for young authors to write a certain word length novel in a month. If you suceed, you get five free copies of your book. I finished, and so did two of my neighbors. I just wanted to say that for bragging rights, sorry! 4. You rock!
    -Samantha Nelson

    1. Hello, Miss Nelson! 1. Thank you!I’m sorry you have to wait until April 30th for Hero’s Guide Book II, but hey, every day that goes by brings us 24 hours closer! 2. Thank you! I try my best to respond to everyone who comments or emails me, so I’m glad you appreciate it. 3. That’s awesome! Congratulations on your accomplishment!(P.S. I think Nanowrimo would be a great name for a character in my next book.) 4. No, YOU rock!

  12. Dear Mr. H,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book! My son and I listened to Bronson Pinchot narrate it on an audible book and we could not stop listening… and laughing. In fact, we stayed up way too late last night listening to it. My son loved hearing the prince’s version of things and we both loved their hilarious personality quirks.

    We are so looking forward to the next one in the series.
    All the best,
    A Grateful Mom

    1. So glad you enjoyed the book. I, too ,think Mr. Pinchot’s performance was fantastic. The next one comes out in April, which seems so far away… and yet so close.

  13. I loved the book! when i checked it out at the library, i had to read 10 other books that I checked out very fast so i could read this one! I thought it was hilarious and i read it in less than a day! i just might read it again! is there going to be a 3rd and 4th book? please tell me!

    1. Wow, you’re a fast reader, Anna! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, there is going to be a third book! I’ve already started writing it. That might seem crazy, being as Book 2 still won’t be published for another five months or so, but that’s how far in advance we writers need to work. But with Book 2 still so far off, it’s nice to know there’s at least one person already looking forward to Book 3!

      1. The story was very funny and the end was a turn. You made me think that Prince Liam would be liked again and that there would be a song about all of them. I thought that was funny.

  14. After walking through my local library I turned to leave, however this book displayed on a shelf caught my eye. I didn’t have enough time to really take a look at it so I remembered the title and looked it up online when I got home. I was hoping that wikipedia would have something, but no. I searched the author but still couldn’t find a main research site. I find out that this is the authors first published book and more to be made. It looks fantastic and am really considering buying this book. Question, were the movie rights really bought already?

    1. Well, I’m glad the cover and title stood out so much. Yes, it’s true that there’s no Wikipedia page for Hero’s Guide as of yet. Someone should get on top of that. And to answer your question, the film rights for Hero’s Guide were optioned by Fox Animation.

    1. It has! Though unfortunately, not French yet. There are Russian, Portuguese, and Thai versions on the way. Keep checking back here, though—if we get a French language version, I’ll be sure to post about it.

  15. I just wanted to say I am a really big fan of your book, I can’t wait for the next one to come out in April! Have you written any other books? I also wanted to thank you for inspiring childern to read. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I can’t wait for April either! Hero’s Guide is my first bit of fiction, but I did write a guide for new dads that came out a few years ago. There will be plenty more novels to come, though.

  16. You are the man this is one of the best books I’ve ever read and I want to thank you for writing this cause my life would not be complete without this book so thank you and I have to say that I can’t believe that you take time out of your day to reply to all your fans, best author ever and I can’t wait for the next book I bet it’ll be just as good as the first so thnks for completing my life.

    1. Mannan, you humble me with your praise. I am thrilled to count you among my fans. I will continue to respond to every post I get for as long as I am able to. The way I see it, if a reader took the time to write me a note, the least I can do is send a quick note back. Thanks to all who post!

  17. Thank you so much for this book… My daughter- Savannah loved it! It was just amazing the way you described all her favorite fairy tales into one story. My daughter got encouraged to read more, unlike she was doing before. Can’t wait until your next book comes out!
    Katie Johnson and Margeaux Johnson

    1. Thanks Katie! I’m thrilled to hear that I could have helped inspire Savannah to read more. It’s hoping for things like that that made me want to become a writer.

  18. I really liked your book and I think my friends would love it too! I wish you could come to my school and sell your books I’m sure you will get a lot of buyers we have some big readers!!!

    1. Thanks, Nikki! I love visiting schools and will be touring again in May, right after The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle comes out. If your teachers would be interested in having me visit (or even to do a Skype visit), tell them to contact me either on Twitter, Facebook, or here on this website.

  19. The first thing I can say: Thank you for this wonderfull book!

    I like fantasy stories, but what catched my attention was the concept about, the Prince Charming. I laughed a lot with the characters (and a lot of them grow into you), and their “anticts”, to stop being just a Prince.

    Can´t wait to read the second part!

    1. Thank, Paula! I’m glad you enjoyed the first Hero’s Guide book. You won’t have to wait too long for the second — it comes out at the end of this month!

  20. Your book is one of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read- yes, that is a compliment. I have a couple of questions, though.
    1) What happens to Reese? I liked him.
    2) Does the witch ever come back?
    3) Do the trolls ever get their land?
    4) What are the dwarfs’ uh, dwarves’ (italics) real names?
    5) Who on earth is the guy with green hair and peppermint stilts, why is he important if (italics) he’s important, and why does he have green hair, peppermint stick stilts, and a bird of paradise?

    1. Thank you, Raelyn! Some of the questions you have (definitely #1 and #3) will be answered in Book 2: The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle, which will be released on April 30th! And some of the others will be answered in Book 3, which unfortunately won’t be out until next year. But if you stick with the series, you may very well see all of your questions answered in the remaining books. After you’ve read Book 3, if you still have any of these questions, ask me again and I will give you the answers.

  21. Mr. Healy,
    I actually stumbled upon your book as an accident (I read it via audiobook and apparently did not look close enough at the title….oops) and boy, what a great accident! As a 35- yr old adult, I loved it. LOVED IT ( once I realized my mistake and figured out the audience). I cannot wait to read it to my kids and whomever has the taste for a silly romp through a great story. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Angie! I love happy accidents! And I love hearing from fans of all ages. I hope your kids enjoy the story as much as you did. Thanks for sharing it with them.

  22. Dear Mr.Healy,
    I enjoyed your book greatly, and even chose to do a book report on it! I made a brochure starring A Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, and you, of course. I think your book was extremely well written with great vocabulary and word choice. I hope to get a copy of the next book soon as well! 😀

    1. Wow, thanks so much, Laila! It’s exciting to know I was the subject of a book report. I wish I could see the brochure you made. I hope you enjoy Book 2 just as much.

  23. Hi Mr. Healy.

    I am right now reading your book, The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom. It is amazing! I love it! I really want to read book 2. I heard you were making a book 3 . What will it be called? You should really make a movie. I bought book 1 and it is paperback so I love the extras inside! I emailed you. Do you have a address I could send a letter to? I love your book so much! My librarian said I should I should read it. Me and my friend are reading it now. I hope there will be a book 3. If there is one when will it come out.

    From: Ava P.s. please email me back!

    1. Thanks, Ava! I’m glad you liked the extras in the paperback–they were a lot of fun for me to put together. And I can tell you that there will definitely be a Book 3. Though I don’t have a title set for it yet. I was thinking maybe, “The Hero’s Guide to Making Your Bed.” But that doesn’t sound very exciting, so I probably won’t.

      1. That sounds like a cool title. I wrote you a letter and do you have a mailing address I could send it to? I can’t wait for book 3 but I didn’t read book 2 yet but I’m going to after I finish book 1. Do you sell any posters or bookmarks of the series, if so where? Thank you for writing these great books!

        Sincerely, Ava

  24. I loved books 1and 2 I couldn’t put them down .When I finished reading them my first thought was ok whens book 3 coming out. I cant wait till next year book 3 yay! I loved your books. your an amazing author.

    1. Thank you so much! Book 3 will be out next spring. I hope you can wait until then. (I know I have a hard time waiting, myself.)

  25. Dear Mr. Healy,
    I ADORE books 1 and 2, I was wondering if you already have the 3rd book finished then why don’t you bring it out sooner? I just finish the 2nd book today and I’m already dying of curiosity! What will happen to Frederic and Ella? I can’t wait! THANK YOU for writing the most amazing books I have ever read!
    Sincerely, Gisella
    P.s. you are an amazing author!

    1. Thank you so much, Gisella! You’re right that I have finished writing the third book (it is titled, The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw), but now it has to be proofread, illustrated, printed, etc. All of that extra stuff takes time–months, in fact. So, sadly, my publisher can’t get the book out any sooner than next spring. I hope you’ll still want to read it after waiting all that time! As for what happens to Frederic and Ella… Well, Frederic becomes a coconut salesman and Ella turns into a werewolf. No, not really. I can’t say yet! Stay tuned!

      1. Thank you for replying to me! It’s ok, I don’t mind waiting. ( I’m already waiting for 3 other books to come out!) but I think that title will really catch on fast! That sounded like a “great” end for Ella and Frederic! Don’t worry I’m apreciating every minute I’m waiting.

  26. I love your books! They are amazing! Just finished reading storming the castle and cant wait for 3rd book! Dying of curiosity! You were so creative with the snake guy (Maku or whatever his name is) and i got in trouble for reading it during class it was so good!!!!!!!!! I sure do like Snow White with her chucking and catching power. And I love the orange jade Idea! In the next book medium taylor should come and be on the league of princes! Love the idea of string-chai (or whatever its called) You are a hilarious writer! Mr. Troll or Little Taylor are my favorite. Wish I could write more but can’t. Bye

    1. Thanks! You know, I think you may be the world’s first Medium Taylor fan. But seriously, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the books so much. Just make sure you don’t forget to pay attention in class, too. 😉

  27. Okay a third post. (Sorry I keep forgetting other things) you need to come visit my school. I live in kansas at st. elizabeth ann seton in wichita ks. the link to our sight is so contact our school! If you do (please please please please with a cherry on top) look for jackson maldonado. Im currently in 6th grade. Another thing about your book (getting annoyed about the praise? i hope not theres a lot more to come) is the cliffhanger. I hate them and love them at the same time get ready for another post for more because im A CREATIVE kid(sorry i was in caps lock) bye

    1. I’ve been to Wichita—it’s a great city. I really like the museum at the All-Indian Center. If I’m ever back there for a book event, I’ll be sure to post it on this site. And by the way, I never get annoyed by praise. But three posts is probably enough for now…

  28. I know you already have alot of people saying this, but wow what a great book. Seriously I’m 16 and I think it was hilarious enough that I just had to share it with my mom and all my friends. I can’t wait to see Book Three’s story. Perhaps we will see Ruffian’s daughter or even Fredric’s Mom.

    We are all looking forward to the next book (and even the one after that) and we have are even more inpatient for the movie (and the movies that follow.)

    1. Thanks for sharing Hero’s Guide! There’s really nothing I get more excited to hear than that a reader has gotten other people to read my books. I hope you (and your mom and your friends) enjoy Book 3 as well.

  29. when a friend first showed me the book, it did not look that good at all. But once he convinced me to read a few chapters, I was (and am) a forever lover of A Heroes Guide. And that is a lot coming from someone who has read over 400 books in the past 4 years, who is persnickety about whick books he reads, and whose favorite writers are Lemony Snicket, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, and Shakespeare. Well now I can officiallly add Christopher Healy to that list. Seriously amazing books.

    1. Wow, I am honored to be included among names as legendary as those. So glad I was able to win you over. And please pass on my thanks to the friend who convinced you to read my book!

  30. We stumbled upon Hero’s Guild while on a road trip. We downloaded it from Audible, and were laughing from the start. Instead of being excited to stop and get out of the van everyone wanted to hear just one more chapter. Even my husband who usually endures children’s books for the sake of quiet found himself instantly sucked into the plight of the Princes Charming.

    We are now faced with the dilemma of waiting for then next book to come out on audible or buying several copies to avoid fighting. 🙂 It is a great problem to have. Thank you for your stories.

    1. And thank you for reading them. Or listening to them. Either way, I’m happy. As for Book 2, I suggest you buy multiple copies now so you can start reading right away, then just switch to the audiobook when it comes out in November. That should solve the problem. 🙂

  31. i loved hero’s guide to book 1 and 2. looking forward the book 3 and if you are going to make a book 4 you should name the hero’s guide to earning fame and you are one of my favorite author now.

  32. I like to stay ahead of my avid reading children, which means I have a stack of books to get through before them. I finished the first one and laughed out loud multiple times. Your writing is so entertaining, and yet thoughtful. It builds vocabulary (I, as a 35 year old mother am ashamed to admit I have misused “cowl” and “cloak”. NEVER AGAIN! *fist shaken to the sky*

    Anyway, love your writing, so happy to hear of your continued success. We will be preordering the third, as my kids are trying to “hide” reading your books under their sheets with a flashlight and we are pretending not to notice. (until around 9:30) 🙂 Definitely adding you to my author watch list! 😉

  33. Hi Mr. H,

    1. I hope you make a movie for both books that would be really cool.
    2. Book number 2 is such a cliff hanger. Will you continue it in number 3?
    3. My favorite character is Gustav because he is really big.
    4. What are some ideas for names for characters for book 3?
    5. Did your kids read the books?
    6. What color will the cover of book number 3 be?

    1. Hi Ryan,
      1. It would be even cooler if they make a movie for all three. But thank you.
      2. Absolutely. The story of Book 3 picks up right where we left off at the end of Storming the Castle.
      3. Yes, he is.
      4. Here are the names of some characters who will appear in Book 3: Frederic, Duncan, Liam, Gustav… Oh, you probably meant new character, right? Here are the names of some new characters who will appear in Book 3: Deedle, Jerica, Princeslayer, Mr. Roderick Key, and Euphustus Bailywimple.
      5. Yes, they do. They are my most supportive fans.
      6. Blue. You can see it on the homepage of this blog!

    1. I got the original idea for the series after reading lots of old fairy tales that didn’t seem to make any sense to me, so I tried to come up with backstories for the characters that would make them make sense. But the rest of the weird and wacky stuff that happens all comes from my weird and wacky brain. Pretty much all the pop culture I take in — books, movies, TV, music, games, etc. — inspires me in some way. Sometimes it gives me ideas for things to do in my stories, and sometimes it gives me ideas for things not to do.

  34. I loved the first and second book and can’t wait for the third! I find it interesting how you weave together so many different ideas and still end up with an awesome book. I hope that when you make the first book’s movie you don’t end up discontinuing the movies just like every other series (A Series of Unfortunate Events, The City of Ember, etc.)

    1. Thanks! Many of my favorite books and series have been ones that weave together numerous different plot threads, so when I sat down to write Hero’s Guide, I looked at it as my chance to finally create the kind of story I loved. Glad you enjoy it!

      1. These books are so great! I sort of saw the [SPOILER] thing coming, but when the [SPOILER] was [SPOILER] I was so shocked! After “Being an Outlaw” do you plan for a fourth book? Maybe even a fifth? These are seriously amazing, and if you don’t make more than 3 I will be VERY angry with you. Just kidding, but I will be rather annoyed…

        1. Wow, you’re big on the spoilers, aren’t you? But seriously, I’m glad you enjoyed the books and that I was able to surprise you with at least one of my twists. And to answer your questions, I definitely plan to [SPOILER] after I [SPOILER] and [SPOILER]. But don’t expect any [SPOILER], because that’s definitely not going to happen.

      2. I greatly look forward to a third book, and, if we are so lucky, possibly a fourth. Please tell me that there will be a fourth. I NEED A FOURTH!!!!! Ooh, and I wouldn’t mind a fifth. Oh wait… The third isn’t even out yet. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself…

        1. I am definitely writing a fourth book. It’s not a Hero’s Guide book, though. Sorry about that. But Hero’s Guide fans should not despair, I do hope to return to that world and those characters again.

  35. I’m still not done with your first book.I’m almost to chapter 10.I love it so far.I
    started reading it because my friend checked it out at the library.When
    she finished it she told me that it was a really good book.Then i started reading it. I love it too. Your books are very creative.

  36. I loved the books! They were so awesome! Fractured fairy tales are my favorite genre, and I really like the whole idea that maybe there would be more that one Prince Charming, since considering how many stories feature him, that would really make sense. Also, they are super funny, even the villains! My friend recommended Book 1 to me. I also greatly enjoyed the 2nd book and am waiting for a 3rd! When will it be out? (sorry if you’ve already answered this question)
    My favorite characters are Lila and Ruffian the Blue. I think Lila should be taken on as his apprentice. My favorite villain is Briar. Do you have a favorite of the characters?
    🙂 🙂 🙂 Allie

    1. Thanks, Allie! The third book will be out at the end of next month! I think it’s cool that you like Lila and Ruffian — they play a big part in Book 3. Hard to say who my favorite character is, because I love them all. But I suppose it I had to name one, I’d say… the guy who really likes cheesecake from Book 1. 🙂

    1. Fingers crossed! A Hero’s Guide movie is in development with Fox Animation/Blue Sky Studios, the geniuses behind Ice Age, Epic, and the upcoming Rio 2!

  37. I also just saw the cover to the 3rd book and somehow Duncan is doing exactly what I would have pictured 🙂
    (P.S. Also my question was answered. Oops.)

  38. One of my favorite books EVER! I’m so excited for book 3! My friend recommended it to me. I started reading it and became hooked! It is a wonderful book and I recommend it to everyone who likes adventure, humor, more adventure and more humor! Looking forward to book 4 (hint, hint) 🙂

  39. I love your books they are the best I can’t wait for the 3 one.
    I’ve only read the 1 one so far( I just finished it today and are going to start the Next one right now) nod I have the 2
    I love how you right❤❤

    P.S.who drew the pictures I just had to mark them all down so I could look at them over and over agin because they were so cute and funny

    1. Thanks, Brooke! The pictures were drawn by an amazing artist named Todd Harris. Can you believe that the Hero’s Guide books are the first books he’s ever illustrated?

  40. You know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, well I totally did and it was fab-tabulisticly wonderful!!
    So I went to the library one day to get my sister (who was sick in bed) a book. I was looking through the shelves and pulled out The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. She read it and went on to read it to my family. She has the best voices for the characters ever and I think you should hear her read it…not that you probably have already read your books, but still.
    Will the new book involve a certain cursed prince (A.K.A. Mr. Shaggy) from a certain fairy tale?

    1. Thanks, Geneva! I wish I could hear your sister’s voices for the characters. I’m always curious as to what different people think they sound like.

  41. I just finished book 3. Being an outlaw was amazing! I WANT MORE!!!!

    My friends and I take capture the flag seriously. Unless my captain sends me out of a stealth mission, I like to charge past the defenders with a new battle cry! It goes like this:


  42. Dear Mr. Healy,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hero’s Guide!!!!!! I read it soooo fast and the 2nd! I’m going to start the 3rd and I can not wait! Thanks soooo much for writing it. I had my friends read it and they love it just as much. I saw you put up your email. Do you answer emails from fans? Because I emailed you the other day but I didn’t know if you ever get a chance to answer that many emails. I mean, a author as amazing as you must get a LOT! Thank you again!

    1. My next book is a completely new and different story, not connected to the Hero’s Guide trilogy in any way (well, not directly). But in the future, I do plan to write more adventures from the Hero’s Guide universe.

  43. I would like to know who is Ruffian the Blue’s daughter? I mean you mention it but its never… answered. Is she just some random character we never meet and is never introduced or have we met her? IS IT LILA? I am a HUGE fan of your series and I would like to know if any more about it will be published. It doesn’t have to do with the princes (though i would like it to) but anything would be GREAT. I’d also like to know if you are writing anything else and if so will it be in the same style as the Hero’s Guide. Like silly or something, because that is just fun. Over all you made a 15 year old laugh his head off by fairy tales and if you have no other plans i will just read the series over again.

    1. My new book is called The Worst Thing About Saving the World and it is not connected to the Hero’s Guide trilogy. For one thing, it takes place in modern times. But I hope that you and other fans of Hero’s Guide will give it a try. It definitely has the same sense of humor. (As for Ruffian’s daughter—well, I know the answer, but I can’t reveal it yet. Originally, I planned to put that in Book 3, but there was simply too much going on and certain subplots had to be cut and saved for later adventures. And I still plan to write that adventure someday.) Thanks for being a fan!

  44. My daughter just finished your first Hero’s Guide book. We found it quite on accident. Our library has ‘mystery books’ that are wrapped in brown paper and you don’t know what you’re going to read until you unwrap it at home. Actually, my son brought it home but she started reading it because she was bored. She insists I MUST read it (and I plan to). She can’t believe there are two more books for her to devour. Can’t wait to get our hands on them! (Oh, I just told her the movie was in the works and I think she just passed out from excitement.)

    1. That’s a very cool thing your library is doing with those “mystery books.” What a great idea! And how bold and daring of your daughter to take part! I am grateful and relieved that she enjoyed the surprise she found within.

  45. Your books are amazing! I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly hope you write a new one!
    Also it would be cool if it was about Ruff (aka, the coolest character)
    Where did Duncan’s hat go to anyway?

    1. I’d reeeeeeeaaaaaaaly love to write a new Hero’s Guide book, and probably will. Someday. In the meantime, though, I hope you’ll check out my new, unrelated book next year: The Worst Thing About Saving the World. (As for the final destination of Duncan’s hat? Well, that’s a whole other adventure in itself. Perhaps you’ll see it again someday.)

  46. Hello, Mr. Healy! It’s Gisella again. I have just finished The Heros Guide To Being An Outlaw, (I literally JUST finished in the past 2 minutes and rushed to the computer to contact you) and I am 99.99999999% sure that there is going to be a fourth book. I really adored the book, and no matter how many odd looks I get for going into the 9-12 young readers section to get your books, (because I’m 13, but I look way more mature than the regular 13 year old) I will get your books!!!!!!!! Thank you again for being a great writer, have a nice day!

  47. I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH!!!!!! I’ve read all of them at LEAST four times! Please say you’re going to make a fourth one. (I kind of assume you are, because it ends on a cliffhanger, but you never know.) Thank you so much for writing these! I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!!
    P.s. Do you like Doctor Who??

    1. Dear Tardijedi2,

      Yes, I love Doctor Who. Can’t wait for the new season to start next weekend. I’m taking a wild guess here, but do you also love Star Wars?


      1. You like Doctor Who?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!!! *dies of excitement*

        Wait, wait, I’m back, do you like LOTR?!?

      2. I definitely like star wars. My pen name/title kinda proves it. And don’t worry… It’s NOT a trap!

  48. Dear Mr. Healy,
    Came across your book thanks to the enthusiastic recommendation of an employee at our favorite book store, Books of Wonder in NYC. My son (seven years old) and I just finished reading it and I commend you! It’s hilarious, has wonderful, endearing characters (Duncan and Gustav are our favorites), and great storyline/pace. We love reading together and sharing belly laughs; thank you for writing a book that more than satisfies on both counts! While playing outside today, T grabbed a huge stick and, as he charged up a hill, yelled “STUUURMHAAAGEN!!!!!” Count us as fans. Ordered the rest of the trilogy today and look forward to continuing the journey in the Hero’s world and beyond.

    1. I am simultaneously proud of and apologetic for all the children who are now running around, shouting, “Stuuuurrrm-hayyyy-gennn!!!” (I absolutely LOVE Books of Wonder, by the way!) Thanks!

    1. When I look into my crystal ball, I see myself holding a bright, shiny copy of the 4th Hero’s Guide book! The thing about my crystal ball, though, is that it doesn’t tell you how far in the future you’re seeing. So for all I know, I could be 90 years old in that image from the future. Hey, I look pretty good for 90.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any links on how to draw the characters, but you can look at the illustrations on this site or on to see what they look like. Not that you have to make them look like they do in the books. Fan artists are certainly entitle to their own interpretations.

  49. HI! I love your book so much 🙂 your style of writing the story is epic, hilarious – epic hilarious (doesn’t make sense? i know… ) haha please write book 4 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I’m also gonna watch your movie so please continue the series ! I know it looks like a trilogy but still… its too awesome to let it end there! Loved it, so please write book 4 of the series!!!!

    1. No, you’re absolutely right–it is epic hilarious. A fourth Hero’s Guide book is not currently on my agenda though (as much as I’d love to write one). If you really want to see one, you should let the good people at HarperCollins Children’s Books know.

        1. Oh, man. Will you really stop reading altogether if I don’t write a 4th book? Gah! That’s too much pressure! Okay, here’s a proposal for you… I’ll do my best to get a fourth book out there, but you have to promise me you’ll keep reading in the meantime. Deal?

  50. Dear Christopher Healy,

    I know that i am far from the first person on this website to have said this…But, you have got to write another Book about the princes! Todd Harris and you are a great team! i try to tell everyone about your series to everyone and we’ve sent it to several relatives! If another novel, is too hard, you should perhaps try a character guide along with illustrations from Todd Harris! Now, that would be fun!

    after all, you have a huge cast of great characters: Liam, Duncan, Gustav, Fredric, Briar, Rapunzel, Ella, Lila, Snow, Smimf, Deeb, Rundark, Wrathgar, Madu, Redshirt, Jezek, Blink, Deedle, Mr Troll, Falco, Captain Jerica, Cap’n Gabberman, Two-Clubs, Daggomire Hardrot, Val Jeanval, Mr. Key, Ruffian the Blue, Mr. Flint, Greenfang, Tauro, Horace, Neville, Zaubera, Erik the mauve, General Kuffin, Worthingham, Euphusta bailywimple, and so many more. Don’t stop now!!

    1. Hey Ben! You did a pretty great job of a character guide yourself! (Check out some of Ben’s artwork in the Fan Art Gallery on this very site!) But actually, I’d love to do a Hero’s Guide to Hero’s Guide, or something like that. That would be awesome. I’d also love to write more stories with those characters. Someday, Ben… someday.

  51. I LOVE THE HERO’S GUIDE SERIES!! If you plan to write another book you should write about Lila and have her meet Deeb Rauber!! 🙂

    1. You know, I’ve actually been kicking around an idea like that in my head for a while now. How many of you out there would read a book titled, “Lila and the Bandit King?”

  52. Me! ME! ME!ME!

    i so totally would read that! Lila was one of my favorites and i loved that scene in book two when the bandit king and her meet! if you added more background on ruffian and his daughter (is it Captain Jerica? i hope so!) then you could tie up all the loose ends in one book!

    not only would i read it! i would be camping in a tent outside the bookstore the night before the release date!

    Great idea!!!!!!!

  53. I have only read the first chapter of the first book and I LOVED it any free time I get at school or at home I am going to read it. I really want to read the second book. As soon as the new books come out I am defiantly going to get them.

  54. Is Todd Harris going to illustrate your new book “the worst thing about saving the world” Too?
    I really liked his art in The hero’s guide trilogy! also, do you know when the final cover art is going to be released? I’m very excited!

    1. At this point, I don’t even know if The Worst Thing About Saving the World will be illustrated at all. But you can be sure that as soon as I have cover art to post, I will post it.

      1. You know, maybe you can make the cover art a sword, or crystal ball, or whatever the guy used to save the world. With the letters dripping from it like blood, or inside it, like a prophesy. I think that both are better than the cheesy computer font. No offence.

        1. The real cover will definitely not be cheesy computer font. I did that completely randomly. Maybe I’ll put in a new placeholder cover with a different font.

    1. I do not currently sell any merchandise like bookmarks or posters, but anyone who sends me fan art gets a free pin! Until pins run out, that is. But don’t worry, I have quite a bit right now. (You’d just need to tell me where to send the pin.)

  55. How to seem like you know a lot of spoilers when you really don’t :
    [SPOILER] [SPOILER] [SPOILER] [SPOILER], [SPOILER] and [SPOILER]. [SPOILER] [SPOILER] [SPOILER] because [SPOILER] [SPOILER]. Do you remember the [SPOILER] [SPOILER] from book 3? Because [SPOILER] is really [SPOILER] !!! Can you believe that?!

    1. I named my dog Lila, in honor of the Erinthian princess. I feel that I am much like her (The princess, not the dog.). 🙂

  56. I think the biggest, most intriguing loose end in the series is the identity of ruffian’s daughter.
    So, here is the question? i know you said you can’t write who it is yet…But, is it someone we have already read about or will it be a new character and are there any hints in the trilogy about it anywhere?

    1. Here’s the honest answer, Ben: I’m not sure if there are hints or not. I originally planned for the Ruffian’s daughter subplot to be part of the Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw, but the book had been getting far too long as I was writing it and I had to cut a few subplots from the story (in hopes of bringing them back for a future book). In my first draft of Outlaw, I had already started sprinkling clues as to the identity/whereabouts of the missing daughter, but had to go back and remove them when I decided that mystery wouldn’t be solved in that book. But I’m not sure if I found them all. There may still be some clues left in there. To make sure I don’t miss anything, I’m going to have to give Outlaw a thorough reading before writing any future Hero’s Guide stories.

      1. Neat. I’m still hoping it turns out to be Jerica. Probably one of my favorite characters from part three. I hope you can write a book about the pirate’s journeys prior to their meeting with the princes.

  57. Can you write another “A Hero’s Guide”? We listen to the books a lot during car trips. We listened to the first book all through Europe. Tiago

    1. Ooh, Europe! That’s awesome. I will eventually write another Hero’s Guide book, but I’ve got a few other books I’m working on first. Hopefully, those will have good audio versions too.

  58. MAKE A 4th BOOK PLEASE!! And a movie! (Get that guy that does the voices). We will tell all our friends to buy the books.

    1. I’ll take it under consideration. Will you still tell all your friends even if I don’t make a movie? (I’m hoping there will be one. It’s in development. But I can’t say whether they’ll get Bronson Pinchot for it. He’s the guy who does the voices. And he just won a big award for reading Hero’s Guide!)

    1. Hello, Lolfun (if that is your real name)… I can’t tell you when Book 4 will be released, because Book 4 hasn’t been written yet. I don’t know when it will be. I’d like to write it someday, but for now, I’m busy with a couple of other book projects–The Worst Thing About Saving the World and A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem.

  59. I love this book so much! It took me almost an hour to read. I love the artwork and the spin on the fairy tales we know and love. Hope you make a fourth one!

      1. Sorry, had to comment. Could not stop laughing when I read this. You are a mad scientist. (Checks under bed for Gustav-Frankenstein hybrid) Whew! Nothing there.


  60. Even though I just finished the second book, I still can’t get over the part in the first book where Fredric gets [SPOILER]. I’ve grown a liking to Fredric and this really shows his bravery. But, why did you pick Fredric to [SPOILER]? And also, I can’t really see Fredric [SPOILER] like that.

    1. [WARNING TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ BOOK 1, I’VE BLOCKED OUT SPOILERS IN THE QUESTION, AND WILL BE CAREFUL WITH MY ANSWER, BUT THERE MIGHT STILL END UP BEING SOME SPOILERY STUFF IN MY RESPONSE. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK.] Thanks for the question, Kate. I think the reason why I decided to do that to Frederic was because I thought it might get the very reaction from readers that you seem to have had. Is that cruel? I wanted to show that, while this story is fun and silly at times, the danger is real for these heroes and the stakes are high. In order to build suspense and to hopefully get readers to care more, they have to know that real harm can come to these guys. I hope you can forgive me and continue reading the series. Just know that whatever you felt, I felt it a thousand times more—these characters are all my babies!

      1. Thank you so much. I am overly obsessed with the books. I am also a piano player and improvised scores for different sections of the books. It’s only taken me a week to read them although I’m not intirely done. I am so close to finishing the last book and it says what I predicted- Fredric and Rapunzel get [SPOILER]!!!!!!!!! That was just pure awesome. Last thing is that if you’you’re gonna write a fourth book (I really hope) I have a suggestion. Maybe bring someone from our world in the story because they were accidentally teleported to the land where the League of Princes lives. Just a suggestion!

  61. Oh man, I SERIOUSLY love these books! I saw it in my library apx. a year ago, and I LOVED IT!! Luckily all the OTHER books were already out, so I could read them. But then it ended with (SPOILER!!!!) and I was like whaaaaa? The whole Ruffian’s daughter thing was (and STILL is!) a mystery.
    I immediately started harping on my sister to read these books, and she FINALLY picked one up. I finished them in about a week, she finished them in THREE MONTHS. (That doesn’t mean she didn’t like them, just that she’s a slow reader.) We both have all the books on our tablets, and are waiting on pins and needles for the movie (or book 4, whichever comes first). As an aspiring author for YA or youth, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from your humor and will probably ATTEMPT a fractured fairy tale. I really hope u didn’t fall asleep while I was blathering on about my favorite shape of noodle so I will leave you with…………..

  62. hello:) i just whanted to say that soon there will be hero goats too! our pigmy goats are going to have babies!! what characters should i mane them???
    oh and any uppdates on the movie or the worst thing of savin the world??

  63. On a scale of 1-10 (1o being highest and 1 lowest) how much do you like being a writer? I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

  64. Well, it’s been 2 years since I’ve read your books, so I’m rereading-okay, re-listening- to them as I type this, and I must say- Your chapter titles rival those of Rick Riordan (the Dark Lord of Chapter Titles). If you wanted, you could probably overthrow him.

  65. Um, so the third book is literally my favorite book of all time, and I can’t wait for a fourth book that you may write. It sounded like Beauty and the Beast, so if that’s the case, I’m like freaking out. But I’m freaking out at a fourth book mention anyway, though.
    And I have questions like will Ruffian find his daughter in the next book? Will Ella be allowed to go back to Harmonia?? Will Eïsborg ever be freed of Darians??? But I’m ok if you don’t answer because of spoilers.

  66. Hi! Troll loves Mr. Writer Man’s books very much! Troll knows that Mr. Writer Man cannot make ‘nother book in one day, but Troll really wants 4th book to come out soon. Troll looked in Troll book. Troll book says that for Mr. Writer Man to make 4th book, Troll gives Mr. Writer Man radishes. Troll says radishes might be from Shovel Lady’s farm. But that okay! Shovel Lady grow more radishes next year. Please make 4th book. Mr.Troll be very happy if Mr. Writer Man makes next book.

    1. Dear Troll, Thank you for the lovely radishes. They were delicious. To repay you for your kindness, I have decided to make my next book in class troll fashion. I stapled six leaves together and drew picture of trolls on all of them. I hope you find a nice place for it on the shelves of your troll library. Yours truly, Writer Man.

    1. I have written a fourth book. It is not, however, a Hero’s Guide book. But there’s still a good chance a new Hero’s Guide could happen. So please stay tuned. And in the meantime, why not check out A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem? Who knows, maybe you’ll like that one too.

  67. Hello Mr. Healy! I am a girl of 13 years old. My nationality is Dutch but I love on Madagascar as a missionary with my family. I have read your book four times. I also read it to my younger siblings. Two of them are boys of 11 and 7 years old and the other is a girl of 9 years old. I have another brother of two years old but of course he didn’t listen. We kept on laughing. Sometimes I read text in my head before saying it out loud and had to laugh so hard I couldn’t read it to the rest of them and they were urging me to read on but i couldn’t due to the laughing. My favourite character is Deeb Rauber because he’s a little kid with a lot of influence. I do think Lila and Deeb speak a bit nerdy. ‘The difference between being young and being a child…One’s age is but a number… I could hit my awkward phase at any moment…I’ve still got the cute kid thing going for me’. I guess you want to make them sound smart but it just makes them sound weird. Sorry for that. Otherwise this is my favourite book. We have already banded together to buy the second book. I hope they wait with the movie with real actors till I’m grown up and have become an actor so I can play Ella!

    1. Hello, Vanya! You are without doubt my favorite 13-year-old Dutch fan in Madagascar. If there are any others who want to claim that title, tell them they’ll have to write to me and prove themselves more worthy than you. Because for now, it is definitely you.

  68. Hello there Mr. Healy.
    Several students in my grade 4/5 class have finished reading the HG to Saving Your Kingdom for their Lit Circle projects. They enjoyed it a lot, and one says he can’t wait to read the other two books. The five students who chose to read it couldn’t be more different, however, they have discovered they have something in common.
    Thank you for your awesome story!

    1. And thank you for your awesome note! I love hearing proof that a single book can resonate with many different types of kids. And not just talking about my own books—any books! Stories are for everyone!

  69. OMG I LOVED YOUR FIRST THREE BOOKS!!!! I was wondering if you were planning on making a fourth because you totally have to!!!!

  70. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!! they are so funny I lost my spot several times due to laughing so hard! (I must admit I was staying up late secretly reading, so this was not good, and I had to muffle the noise!!!) Still, I love the way you combine adventure, friendship, and comedy. (BIG FAN OF DUNCAN AND SNOW!!!!!!!!

    1. I generally follow the rules, but I am a big proponent of staying up late to sneak in some reading time. Thanks for breaking the rules with my books!

  71. Hi in school I am doing a author study and I decided to do it on you because I love the heros guide books I have two questions for the project though that I can’t find on the internet
    1. Did you go to colllage if you did where ?
    2.How may kids do you have ? Thank you!

  72. Hello I’m am Eisley and I am a huge fan!!!! I’m fact i am listening to the last book for the sixth time as I am writing this. As you can tell I love your books!!! My brother and I would love a fourth book!!!!! Thanks so much for your awesome books!!!!!

    1. Listening for your sixth time?! Whoa! You know, if you listen to an audiobook too many times, you can make the reader start to go hoarse. Seriously, though, that’s super cool!

  73. Hey!!! Will there be a fourth book??? And is it true that there’s going g to be a movie???? I love this series soooooooooo much and I really NEED a fourth book. In fact I’m am listening to the last book for the 6 time as i am writing this. Please please please!!!!

    1. I would love for there to be a fourth book! And I would love for there to be a movie! Both are in the planning stages, though the movie is much further along at this point.

  74. Happy quarantine (sarcasm intended) I have a few questions **ahem**
    -What is your favorite book genre?
    -Have you started writing book 4?
    -What books do you recommend me to read until I can buy your book 4?
    -What have you been doing in quarantine?
    -Do you have any children or siblings?
    -How many books have you written?
    And a few comments.
    -if they made a live action movie I think Chris hemsworth should be Gustav.
    -book 3 is the best of the hero’s guide series
    -hoodsy Lila smimf Duncan and snow are my favorite characters
    -I am 11 years old

    If you can answer I would appreciate it!

    1. Answers to your questions: Favorite genre is probably mystery/suspense. I have starting thinking about book 4. I recommend A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem 1, 2, & 3. In quarantine, I’ve been reading, watching TV, taking online classes, editing Perilous Journey 3, watching a Hitchcock movie marathon with my family, and eating too many cookies. I have two children and one sibling. And I have written eight books (the 8th of which, Perilous Journey 3, will be published this fall). Comments on your comments: I would approve of that casting. I too have a special fondness for Book 3. Hoodsy and Lila would make a great team-up. And 11 is an awesome age.

  75. what would the wonderful characters of your book say and do to this: “there is a flying bear right behind you!”

    1. Liam: Everybody stand back! I’ve got this!
      Ella: Liam, stand back! I’ve got this!
      Frederic: Pardon me while I hide under this table.
      Rapunzel: Does he have an appointment?
      Snow: Wow, you’re looking out of sorts today, Thursday Bird.
      Lila: A flying bear? Thank goodness. At least it’s not my parents.
      Briar: If it so much as breathes on my hair, destroy it.
      Deeb: Nice try. I’m not falling for it, loser. [checks over his shoulder]
      Duncan: Flappy McHoneypaws!

  76. Hi, my friends and I are huge fans of The Hero’s Guide Series. However, our friendship is being torn apart because we cannot come to a consensus on how to pronounce Lila. I am afraid that this damage will go beyond repair unless dispute is settled. Please help. How do you, as the author, pronouce Lila?

      1. Ok, let’s see. I think the most common would be lilac. Because lilac is lila with a c at the end. Am I warm or cold?

        1. Because it has more red than blue, lilac is technically considered a warm color. That doesn’t really answer your question, but it’s true.

  77. I have no idea what to do with this book because every time I sit down to read it I break out in laughter.


  78. I am a big fan of your books. there are really awesome an i have read them all over 5 times. I really love them all and own all of them but i was wondering when are you going to make a forth book? I really hope you doo because i loooooooove your books

  79. I just reread the series and I enjoyed it just as much as I had the first time around. I was wondering, with the last book did you set up some sort of love triangle between Briar, Liam and Ella? I know that throughout the series the Liam and Briar thing was repeatedly brushed off as something that shouldn’t happen, but towards the end I got the feeling that there might still be room for exploration with the two of them. I don’t know, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part seeing as I ended up really liking Briar by the time I finished the trilogy. I feel like she really grew and that is actually pretty badass. I think she ties with Ruffian as my third favorite character, after Lila and Gustav.
    Anyways, I love love loved the series. It was such a joy to come back to it. I think it’s my favorite re-envisioning of the classic fairytales.

    1. Thanks so much! I agree completely with your thoughts on Briar. She is one of my favorite characters as well and probably shows more growth than anyone else over the course of the trilogy. As for her romantic future, that remains to be seen.

  80. Also the Jean-val-Jean reference was hilarious. I didn’t get it when I read it the first time around, but yeah, that was fun.

  81. My daughter has read and reread the Hero’s guide books ever since I read them to her when she was 10. They are her favorite. She is asking for hardcover copy of the series for her 15th birthday. Is there a place to buy a signed hardcover of the Hero’s Guide series?

    1. If your local bookstores don’t have the hardcovers in stock, ask if they can order them for you. Most independent bookstores will make special orders like that. As for getting them signed, well, I’m not sure which stores I’ve done signings at still have signed copies in stock. But email me directly ( and I’ll see what I can do to help.